‘Koe no Katachi,’ ‘Yuri!!! On ICE’ Take Top Tokyo Anime Awards


Following the reveal of the Japan Academy Prize picks earlier this month — with Sunao Katabuchi’s In This Corner of the World taking the animated feature prize — more animation news from the Land of the Rising Sun is giving us a hint at the must-see higlights of the prolific local market with the reveal of the Tokyo Anime Awards winners.

The coveted Animation of the Year honors were awarded to Naoko Yamada’s feature film A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) from Kyoto Animation, and popular figure skating-themed sports series Yuri!!! On ICE from studio MAPPA and director Sayo Yamamoto (available on Crunchyroll).

2017 Tokyo Anime Award Winners:


Film: A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi)

TV: Yuri!!! On ICE


Yuri!!! On ICE


Best Director: Makoto Shinkai (Your Name.)

Best Script & Original Story: Reiko Yoshida (A Silent Voice)

Best Animator: Tadashi Hiramatsu (Yuri!!! On ICE)

Best Art, Color and Film: Shunichirou Yoshihara (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

Best Sound and Performance: Hiroyuki Sawano (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)


Sound Director: Susumu Akitagawa (Guin Saga)

Director: Hiroshi Ikeda (Flying Phantom Ship)

Animation Director: Yoshifumi Kondou (Kiki’s Delivery Service), posthumously awarded

Producer: Sumio Gotouda (Three Tales), posthumously awarded

Art Director: Naoyuki Tsuji (Mazinger Z)

Animation Writer: Taku Furukawa (Speed)

Singer: Youku Maekawa (Cutie Honey themes)

Voice Actor: Eiko Masuyama (Lupin III: Part II)

Original Author: Reiji Matsumoto (Galaxy Express 999)

Color Designer: Michiyo Yasuda (Grave of the Fireflies), posthumously awarded

Titles listed with achievement awardees are merely credits, not the work being recognized by the award; information from myanimelist.net.

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice