Kahani World Makes A Splash in Cannes

Indian production entities are creating a huge presence at this week’s international film market in Cannes. According to recent figures released by the country’s National Assoc. of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), more than 50 animated features are currently in development for India’s domestic theatrical market. “Certainly 12 to 15 animated movies will be on screen in the next two years,” says Biren Ghose, CEO and president of Kahani World. “We aim to produce seven of those releases.”

With offices in Mumbai and Bangalore in India and Thornhill (Ontario, Canada), Kahani World has in place a robust model which allows the production of several projects simultaneously, according to Ghose. ‘Our unique business model includes in its execution and financing strategy the participation of production companies,’ he says. ‘These studios and the key creators become part of the investment program in developing and producing the projects. This will bring them an exponential return as compared to being just an outsourcing studio.’

Kahani World is poised to reap the benefits of seven major projects in its pipeline. Slated for the first quarter of 2009, Secrets of the Seven Sound, a joint venture with Virgin Comics, is an epic adventure feature which centers on the exploits of two brothers and their attempts to save a kidnapped princess. Renowned Indian luminaries Deepak Choprah and Shekar Kapur are attached to this mo-cap and CG-animated feature. Other titles under the Kahani World banner include Raju the Rickshaw, Coderman, Game Access, Chipkali [Gecko] World , I-Prin and Ashati’the Asian Princess.

Kahani World has acquired and deployed digital asset management and movie pipeline processes from the ‘best in the West,’ says Ghose. ‘The Indian film industry has been an early adopter of animated techniques particularly in using vfx for live-action movies and short-form animation. The country’s organization and understanding of animation techniques is growing at an unprecedented rate.’ For more information on the studio and its properties, see www.kahaniworld.com.