JibJab Goes to Washington

JibJab Media co-founder Evan Spiridellis tells us he and his brother, Gregg, were invited to create a new two-minute animated short for Wednesday night’s TV and Radio Correspondence dinner in Washington DC. The siblings will be VIP guests at the dinner and will have a chance to entertain President Bush in person after poking fun at him on many occasions in their very popular animated web toons.

‘Rather than lambasting the politicians again we thought it would be much more fun to poke at the news media itself!,’ says Spiridellis. ‘Our new short, What We Call the News, shines a light on some of the absurdities of modern day television journalism.’

The short will play to an audience of 2,400 people, including nearly every major cable and network news personality mixed in with senators and other politicians. The dinner will be broadcast live Wednesday night on CSPAN and the short will also air on The Tonight Show immediately after Jay Leno’s monologue. After that, it will go live on JibJab.com.

The Spiridellis brothers have been keeping a behind-the-scenes production blog that will be made available to registered JibJab members (free registration). ‘People always ask us how we make a JibJab so we thought it would be cool to detail the journey step by step,’ notes Evan Spiridellis.