Hollywood’s Hypefest Makes a Splash This Weekend

It’s still not too late to buy tickets for this weekend’s Hypefest, an ultra-cool showcase of shorts, commercials, promos, music videos and animated projects. All screenings will be held at Cinespace, located at 8356 Hollywood Blvd, on Saturday July 26 (11 a.m.-5 p.m.) and Sunday July 27 (11 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Of special interest to animation fans is the hour-long Sunday Morning Cartoons program (Sunday at 11 a.m.) which features a unique collection of animated works from across the country and beyond. The showcase includes:

Microsoft Windays Expedition (promo) directed by K. Petrovic, K. Matouina, R. Grgic/Lighthouse.

B-Link (short film) directed by Miguel Anaya/Ajtziba.

Peter Gabriel “Growing Up” (music video) directed by Francois Vogel/Entropie Films and Notorious Pictures.

Milk “Dog Walker” (commercial) directed by John Lindauer/Believe Media

New Zealand Lotteries “Lotto Cog” (commercial) directed by Brent Chambers, John Ewing/Flux Animation Group.

On The Sunny Side Of The Street (short film) directed by Joachim Bub, Wilhelm Landt, Elmar Keweloh & Michael Meyer/The Soulcage Department.

Little Red Plane (short film) directed by Joey Jones & Wira Winata/Shadedbox Animations.

See The Truth (short film) directed by Jerold Howard/ACB Animation.

How To Cope With Death (short film) directed by Ignacio Ferrerras/Tandem Films.

Fingathing “Superhero Music” (music video) directed by Dotti Colvin, John Shearlock/Loose Moose Ltd.

Night Out On Sho-Too (promo) directed by Craig Kellman/Film Roman Inc.

New Zealand Dairy “Welcome to Anchorville” (commercial) directed by Mark Baldo & Brent Chambers/Flux Animation Group.

Spiderweb (short film) directed by Sei Nakashima/Rhythm & Hues.

The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie (promo) directed by Dave Thomas/ANIMAX.

Lemon Jelly “Nice Weather For Ducks” (music video) dir: Airside; animation directed by Nigel Pay/Tandem Films.

Tickets for all programs will only be sold immediately prior to the screening. Tickets are $5 at the door, cash only. You can also purchase a festival pass that allows access to all screenings and the hip closing night event. For more information, visit http://hypefest.com.