Hollywood Film Fest Nominates Nemo

Nemo surfaced today as The Hollywood Film Festival’s Board of Advisors announced the nominees for the 2003 Hollywood Movie of the Year Awards. The ceremony will be held on October 20 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The Disney/Pixar family fish tale directed by Andrew Stanton will be up against director Stephen Frears’ Dirty Pretty Things (Miramax), Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation (Focus Features), Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Disney) and Gary Ross’ Seabiscuit (Universal).

The gala event will also see special honors go to Stanton, visual effects artist John Gaeta (The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix: Revolutions), actor Anthony Hopkins, director Ron Howard and others.

While Nemo is swimming with the big fish in the feature category, none of the film’s voice talent made it into the acting competitions. The nominees for the Hollywood Actor of the Year Award are: Javier Bardem for The Dancer Upstairs (Twentieth Century Fox), Jeff Bridges for Seabiscuit, Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean, Tobey Maguire for Seabiscuit and Bill Murray for Lost in Translation.

In the race for the Hollywood Supporting Actor of the Year Award, Seabiscuit’s Chris Cooper and William H. Macy will be running against Open Range’s Robert Duvall, Whale Rider‘s Rawiri Paratene and Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Geoffrey Rush.

Heading up the lead actress list are Keisha Castle-Hughes for Whale Rider (Newmarket Film Group), Diane Lane for Under the Tuscan Sun (Buena Vista Pictures), Parminder K. Nagra for Bend It Like Beckham (Twentieth Century Fox), Charlotte Rampling for Swimming Pool (Focus Features) and Evan Rachel Wood Thirteen (Twentieth Century Fox).

The nominees for the Hollywood Supporting Actress of the Year Award are: Holly Hunter for Thirteen, Alison Lohman for Matchstick Men (Warner Bros.), Nikki Reed for Thirteen, Ludivine Sagnier for Swimming Pool and Naomi Watts for Le Divorce (Twentieth Century Fox).

A Blue Ribbon committee of established Hollywood professionals selected the 5 award nominees in each category. Winners will be chosen by film fans at voting polls at the Yahoo! Movies website (http://movies.yahoo.com/movieawards) and at Entertainment Tonight’s website (http://etonline.com).

Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report (Twentieth Century Fox) took the top award last year, as did actor Tom Hanks (Cast Away) and actress Jennifer Aniston (The Good Girl).

The event is part of the Hollywood Film Festival, which takes place Oct. 15-20 this year. The Hollywood Film Conference and Hollywood Film Screenings will be held at the Arclight Cinemas. For more information visit http://www.hollywoodfilmfestival.com.