Gumby Turns 50 at Comic-Con

Among the many animation-related programs scheduled for the San Diego Comic-Con Int’l convention this weekend is a 50th anniversary celebration for the classic stop-motion Gumby character. Slated to begin at 11:30 a.m. in room 5AB on Saturday, the special event will feature a rare appearance by Gumby creator Art Clokey, who will join son Joe Clokey in talking about their long history with the iconic Saturday morning character.

The Clokeys will be joined on the panel by Robert Thompson, Bob Burden, Rick Geary, and Mel Smith. In addition to answering questions form the audience, they will talk about upcoming Gumby projects and promise to make a big announcement that will have fans foaming at the mouth.

On a related note, we know for a fact that a pair of original Rankin & Bass stop-motion animation puppets will be on display at Comic-Con. We can’t divulge any more information as we’re sworn to secrecy, but you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to gaze upon these beauties in person!