Fox Issues Horton Who-Ville Challenge

In promoting its upcoming CG-animated feature, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! 20th Century Fox is challenging communities across the U.S. to raise their voices in one designated area and proclaim ‘We Are Here!,’ just as the Whos of Who-ville do in the film’s climax. We’ll be listening for the loudest gatherings in each community. The winning locality will enjoy a special hometown screening of the movie, which hits theaters on March 14.

Interested communities can go to to fill out the registration form by Wednesday, Feb. 27. All entrants must provide contact information for their mayor or another designated official. Once that official has confirmed participation by March 4, communities will gather on March 9 to shout out the designated line. Decibel levels will be measured by special sound meters at each city’s gathering. The winner will be announced on March 12 in USA Today and at The special screening will then be held on March 13.

Featuring a voice cast led by Jim Carrey, Steve Carell and Carol Burnett, Horton Hears A Who! employs state-of-the-art computer animation by Blue Sky Animation to bring the classic Dr. Seuss book to life for moviegoers. In the film, an imaginative elephant named Horton (Carrey) hears a faint cry for help coming from a tiny speck of dust floating through the air. He later learns that the speck houses the entire city of Who-ville, inhabited by the microscopic Whos. Ridiculed and threatened by neighbors who think he’s lost his mind, Horton is determined to save the Whos and their heroic Mayor (Carell). Watch the extended trailer now on AniMagTV (