Dano Draws a Crowd In Glendale

Artist Dan "Dano" Kubat (Baby Looney Tunes, Ozzy & Drix) will showcase some of his latest works of art at the "Double Aces Art Show" in Glendale this Saturday night, June 11. He and fellow renegade artist Bob Lizarraga will unveil their wares at Glendale Studios from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and invite the public to attend.

Half of the Duck, You Sucker! Prods. creative team, Dano will be presenting The Vegas Collection; a series of paintings he says "take us back to a time when smoking, drinking and womanizing was a ‘fine art’."

Though Dano has carved out a successful career in animation, he says his first love is original paintings, and this show is a direct result of the unique style, energy, humor and passion that has kept him in high demand in the toon biz.

For more information or an e-vite, contact Margaret Kubat 818-398-0360 or visit www.artbydano.com and www. boblizarraga.com.