CyberGroup, FantaWild and Telescreen Win MIP Jr. Prizes


The international children’s content market MIP Junior wrapped over the weekend in Cannes. The two-day event was packed with various panels focusing on different aspects of the industry—from what buyers are looking for shows this year to how the teen market is driving the transmedia trends, and the possible merging of e-books and animation IP development.

Mip Junior

Mip Junior

MIP Junior’s Kids’ Jury (drawn from the International school in Nice) selected programs from Cyber Group Studios, Fantawild Animation and 1440 Productions in three separate age categories. Cyber Group’s Patch Pillows won in the preschool category, while Fantawild Animation of China won in the children’s category of 7- to 10-year-olds with Hick-City. Australia’s 1440 Productions was the winner in the tween category (11 to 14), with Dig Deep Creek.

Cyber Group Studios Pierre Sussman (left) and Steven Ching (right)  pose with the children's jury.

Cyber Group Studios Pierre Sussman (left) and Steven Ching (right)
pose with the children's jury

On the licensing front, it was m4e/Telescreen’s mix-media project Mia and Me that won the 8th edition of the MIP Junior Licensing Edition. The other nominated projects were Guru Animation’s Justin Time, Luke Nola & Friends’ Let’s Get Inventin’, and Millimages’ Mouk. The KOCCA special selected project was VOOZ Co.’ and Imira’s Myo and Ga. The winner of the special prize was judged based on innovation, licensing potential and audience identification. Maria Kristina Doolan (Zinkia), Grahame Grassby (Stella Projects), Elias Hofman (Exim Licensing) and Bettina Koecher (Chorion) made up the jury, led by Holly Stein (Mattel).