Crash! Bang! Wallow? Wins NFB Cannes Contest

The animated short film Crash! Bang! Wallow? has won the National Film Board of Canada’s sixth annual Cannes short film contest.

Directed by Jon Dunleavy and Keith Wilson-Singer of the United Kingdom, the film is about a former movie stuntman who fights to find a place in the modern world. The winning directors will receive a digital camera/HD video camera and a laptop computer from the NFB.

The second-place film in the contest, which drew more than 2 million views for the 10 finalist films in 14 days, is Love and Theftm by Andreas Hykade of Germany. Third place went to The Technician, by Simon-Olivier Fecteau of Canada, and fourth place went to The Story of My Life, by Pierre Ferriere of France.

The contest was organized by the NFB and the Short Film Corner in association with YouTube.

The winning film can be viewed until June 20 online at or