Chaos Group Spotlights Student Films, Indies at FMX


Chaos Group, the makers of the popular V-Ray rendering solution, will be attending this year’s FMX event in Stuttgart (April 22-25) to highlight how the software helps vfx students and independent filmmakers around the world. Through a series of presentations by students and professional artists, attendees will get a glimpse at improvements in V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max and Maya and how they have been used in film and animation projects, as well as how students can get a leg up in an increasingly competitive field. The company’s FMX booth will allow potential users to see V-Ray for Blender in action (every day at 10 a.m.) and try out both version of V-Ray 3.0.

Highlights of the programming, which you can find at, include:

+ Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma, creators of Green Ruby Pumpkin, who will give multiple talks on how their team approaches creature design for their upcoming Kickstarter-funded cryptozoology project The Ningyo, created in collaboration with Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

+ Method Studio’s CG supervisor Blake Sweeney (RoboCop, Iron Man 3) will demonstrate the techniques his team used to create the “mirror room” sequence in Divergent, and explain how V-Ray’s advanced ray-tracing capabilities benefit the studio’s projects. Sweeney will also provide students with insights into creating a great portfolio and how to approach blockbuster film work.

+ Students from acclaimed European schools Supinfocom and Filmakademie will share case studies, tips and the secrets behind their award-winning projects The Rise and Fall of Globosome, Bet She’an and Rubgybugs.

+ Chaos Group CEO Peter Mitev will describe how GPU-accelerated V-Ray RT 3.0 rendering is establishing a new paradigm for filmmaking. As examples, Mitev will showcase the upcoming CG-animated short Construct — rendered entirely on Nvidia GPUs — and a tech preview of V-Ray for MotionBuilder, which was used on the project.

Chaos Group Spotlights Student Films, Indies at FMX

Chaos Group Spotlights Student Films, Indies at FMX