CG Contest Launches at SIGGRAPH ’07

SIGGRAPH 2007 will see the debut of the international FJORG! Competition, an iron animator event that will have teams competing to create the best character-driven animation within a 32-hour period as various staged distractions test their skill, talent, creativity and physical endurance. Sixteen three-member teams will be selected from a pool of demo reels received from around the world and will have their meddle tested during the computer graphics conference, which takes place Aug. 5-9 in San Diego.

The FJORG! Competition will be held “Gladiator style” at the San Diego Convention Center before a crowd of attendees and a panel of judges that may include recruiters and talent from top graphics, feature film, animation and game companies. The qualifying teams will be asked to create an animated sequence of at least 15 seconds in length, based on a provided theme. They will then ahave a limited time to finish using only those assets supplied at the event.

The FJORG! organizers, dubbed the ‘Viking Lords,’ will supply teams with sound and voiceover selections, a rigged model, hardware, software, meals, entertainment and a nap area. The animators will need to focus and hone their time management skills in order to do the best work they can manage while coping with various unexpected challenges conjured by the Viking Lords.

Entrants will compete for the title of FJORG! Viking Animator and the winning team will receive a trophy and other prizes. All contestants whose teams successfully create a 15-second animated sequence in the time allotted will be awarded a full conference pass for the remainder of SIGGRAPH 2007 and a ticket to the Electronic Theater, a showcase of some of the best CG-animated short works from around the world. The official rules, including submission information and guidelines, are expected to be posted on March 1 at