Cartoon Movie Wrap-up

The 6th edition of Cartoon Movie wrapped up on Saturday, March 13, at the Babelsberg FX Center in Potsdam, Germany. Each year, Cartoon Movie Tributes recognizes three individuals or companies that have contributed significantly to the success of the European feature animation industry. This year’s tributes went to Denmark’s A. Film, France’s Folimage Valence Production and U.K./France-based Pathé Europe.

A. Film was recognized for its wide European collaboration in the production of European feature films such as Help! I’m a Fish and Jungle Jack. The company has just begun pre-production on its first full 3D animated feature, The Ugly Duckling and Me, in co-production with Magma Film of Ireland and Futurikon in France. It is also in post-production on Terkel in Trouble for Nordisk Film, Denmark. In 2003, A. Film was commissioned by M6 France to produce Astérix and the Vikings, and also worked Jester Till, The Three Wise Men, El Cid: The Legend, Eight Crazy Nights, Karlsson on the Roof, Christmas Carol: The Movie, Pettson and Findus and Free Jimmy.

Folimage received the accolade for producing La Prophétie des Grenouilles (aka Raining Cats and Frogs) entirely in-house. The Folimage Studio has been in existence since 1984 and is run by co-directors Jacques-Rémy Girerd and Patrick Eveno. Girerd has written and directed numerous award-winning shorts and television series and Eveno is the producer of the studio-based films and shows.

Pathé Europe was singled out for its work in developing a European strategy for production and distribution, and as an exhibitor of European animated films. As well as being one of the most important independent film producers in Europe, Pathé is also a key player in cinema and video distribution in France and the U.K. Pathé is also a pioneer of the multiplex concept, distributing through its subsidiary EuroPalaces. Operating its cinémas in France under the banners of Pathé and Gaumont, the company has released several European animated feature films. Following Chicken Run (Pathé U.K.) and upcoming 2005 release The Magic Roundabout (Pathé France/U.K.), Pathé will put its resources behins Renaissance (Method Films/Millimages) and Why I Did (Not) Eat My Dad (Les Armateurs).

A special Tribute was also given to professor Klaus Keil, general manager of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, for his vivid and warm engagement for Cartoon Movie from the very beginning.

Rather than the usual 50, only 40 projects were admitted this year. Noted standouts include The Ugly Duckling & Me (A.Films/Magma/Futuri-kon) and Why I did (Not) Eat my Dad (Les Armateurs). Cartoon Movie is organized by the European Association of Animation Film in collaboration with NFP Teleart in Germany and with the support of the European Union MEDIA Program and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH.