Aussie University Hosts Awesomely Offensive Animation Fest


Those who do not come from the land down under may just chunder now that we know that Australia’s University of Newcastle is planning an on-campus, outdoor festival of animated films where in the words of Visual Communications Lecturer and festival organizer Jane Shadbolt “viewers will be able to watch from deck chairs and grab a beer from the bar” while being entertained by films that “aim to offend as many people as possible.” With over 2,200 entries, the Australian International Animation Festival taking place April 10 and 11 is the largest animation festival in the country.

As The Newcastle Herald reports, the Festival is actually a traveling show which kicked off in Melbourne, which is unfortunately also in the completely wrong hemisphere for us Animag staffers. The program of 50-plus international, independent animations is all 18 and over due to unclassified ratings, and Friday night’s special Late Night Bizarre screenings will feature even more adult-oriented fare full of 2D, 3D, student-made and professionally crafted animated sexual references.

You can follow the AIAF on Facebook for more info and additional screenings, you lucky Australians:

Australian International Animation Festival

Australian International Animation Festival

  • Paul Stanton

    I’m surprised you don’t have an australian office, considering most studios who worked on the lego movie are australian, not to mention the growing number of animators and animation festivals in the lucky country. I mean, we have a bi-monthly animation festival here in melbourne called loopdeloop, which in two years has already become a global sensation with festivals taking place in L.A. as well as entries coming from every corner of the planet.

  • Daz

    Loopdeloop is da bomb and every animator MUST visit the
    website if they haven’t done so! The Australian International Animation
    Festival (AIAF) is home to Wagga Wagga (an outback city in NSW) and my god do
    those guys punch above their weight – it’s one of the best screenings and parties
    I’ve been to! The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) is the biggest in Oz and works with AIAF to take the tour on the road. The artwork
    featured here was from AIAF not the UTS screening. Great news for UTS but let’s
    give respect where’s its due – those crazy cats in Wagga!