Annecy Director Reveals 2013 Guidelines


Marcel Jean, the new Artistic Director of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival (taking place June 10 to 15 in France this year) has revealed some preliminary guidelines for this year’s edition of the fest. Annecy 2013 has already shown signs of change with the appointment of Jean and plans to hold screenings in different locations due to work being done at Bonlieu.

Among Jean’s revelations is the announcement that this year’s guest country will be Poland, with around 50 shorts set to be screened in “a tribute to the history and vitality of Polish cinema.” This year’s event will also explore new creative territories with Animation Off-Limits—four programs showcasing various techniques (including experimental, video art, shadow theater, conceptual works, etc.).  Attendees will be able to discover films rarely if ever seen at animation festivals as Jean seeks to “transgress the boundaries of animation to enter the vast territory of hybrid films.”

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The 2013 Annecy International Animation Film Festival

The 2013 Annecy International Animation Film Festival