Annecy 2009 Announces Official Selection

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival (June 8-13) has released the names of the shorts, TV series, student projects and commercials of its 2009 Official Selection categories. Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death, PES’ Western Spaghetti, George Schwizgebel’s Retouches, David O’Reilly’s Please Say Something, BLU’s Muto, Jonas Odell’s Logner, Kaspar Kancis’ Krokodil, Takena Nagao’s Chainsaw Maid, Signe Bauman’s Birth, Giacomo Agnetti’s About Love and Tim and Mike Rauch’s Q & A are some of the well-received titles running in the Short Films category.

The TV series category features mostly international titles: Among the more familiar titles are Ariol, Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures, 3rd and Bird, Harry and Toto, Lou, Mandarine & Cow, Matt’s Monsters, Nerdland, The Mighty B!, The Pinky and Perky Show and Pat and Stan.

Richard Fenwick’s Albert’s Speech, Daniel Lundquist’s Boris, Steve Baker’s Dog with Electric Collar, Josh Franke’s Just in Case, Bruno Collet’s Le Petit Dragon, Run Wrake’s The Control Master, Serge Elissalde’s Black Tea, Alex Budovsky’s The Royal Nightmare, Chris Landreth’s The Spine, Marc Craste’s Varmints and Osbert Parker’s Yours Truly are a few of the titles selected for the Short Films Out of Competition section.

The Festival, which is overseen by director Serge Bromberg, will release the names of the projects running in the Feature Film section by the end of April. To see the full list of selected titles, visit