Animation Magazine Habla Espanol at Expotoons

Animation Magazine had long been a resource for animators and animation fans around the world and now, for the first time, has published a Spanish-language edition that had its debut at the just-concluded Expotoons event in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“We are thrilled to be able to produce our first Spanish-language edition and launch it in Argentina at the Expotoons conference and festival,’ said Jean Thoren, president of Animation Magazine. ‘There are so many talented animation industry professionals and students who have faithfully read Animation Magazine over the past 23 years in English who will now enjoy reading our global news in their native language.’

The new edition is the first part of an overall effort to reach Spanish-language audiences around the world. “We plan to distribute the Spanish edition digitally at first and as our subscriber base grows eventually offer the magazine in its paper form at selected shows throughout Latin America and Spain,’ said Thoren. ‘We are hoping to dedicate a portion of our website to Spanish news and blogs in the near future, and will shortly be accepting news and press releases in Spanish for publication.”

The special edition was produced with the help of Rosanna Manfredi, the creator and general manager of Expotoons and Maggie Stagnaro, the show’s artistic director. The edition also owes a debt to Ana Menendez and Encuadre Studio, who provided invaluable translation and publishing resources.

The issue’s cover story spotlights Planet 51, a CG-animated feature made by the Spanish studio Illion Animation. ‘This inventive CG-animated feature is the kind of project that reflects the new international spirit and revitalized energy that we are experiencing in our favorite art form this year,’ says Ramin Zahed, editor in chief of the magazine.

Thoren says the magazine is seeking out people who love and work in animation to contribute articles about the Latin American and Spanish animation industries. ‘There is a thirst for news about this segment of the industry, both from animators and animation fans around the world,’ Thoren says.

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