Animag’s Annual Pitch Party Is Now Open!


What’s the use of having a great idea for an animated show if you can’t get the key development execs at the networks and cable outlets to give you a shot? Well, we may have the right solution for you. Animation Magazine’s 10th Annual Pitch Party is coming up. That’s when we open up an entire section of our publication (read by more animation decision-makers than any other) to 1/6th page advertisements that pitch new ideas. For less than the cost of a workshop on “breaking into the biz” you can get your great idea in front of our major readers.

Plus, we’ve enlisted a panel of ten powerful development execs, producers and agents to judge your entries. The Pitch Party winner will receive a chance to pitch the judge of his or her choice and will receive free Pitch Party Participation.

The judges will be some of the most powerful people in the animation industry. Check back with us here in the next few weeks to find out exactly who will be judging this year’s event. (In previous years, the top development execs at Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, adult swim, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Fox-TV, DreamWorks and Warner Bros. Animation have participated in our event.)

The winner of the Pitch Party gets additional editorial coverage, a chance to pitch their idea to the judge of your choice and the cost of your entry reimbursed. The second and third place winners, the winners of our staff pick and online readers poll also will get editorial coverage in our widely read Comic-con issue.

To enter, contact our sales staff by phone at (818) 991-2884, Ext. 104, or email at [email protected]. The deadline is June 7.

Winners will be announced in our August issue, which hits stands around July 1. Winners also will be hyped on our website during the week of Comic-Con International: San Diego, July 21-24

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  • Gerold Price

    No offense guys, but while this sounds great what is to prevent someone from taking an idea presented and rejected as an animation project and writing a book, screenplay, or anything and presenting in another venue as an original idea?

  • Ramin

    Dear Gerold,
    The fact that the idea and the image is printed in the magazine with the name and contact info is ample proof about the ownership of the material. If you need more insurance, here is some advice about registering your material with the Writers Guild of America:

    You can put your idea down on paper. Write a description of your idea, making it from 2 to 6 pages long. Try to tell your story in order, from beginning to end. Use the present tense, and write in short, clear sentences. Avoid using dialogue as much as possible. Once you have this description of your movie idea (called a treatment), register it with the Writers Guild, to protect it. Registration costs about $20. You can find out more information by calling the Guild at 323-782-4500.

    Thanks again for your post and for reading Animation Magazine!