Angels & Airwaves Hypes Album with Animation


Rock group Angels & Airwaves, fronted by Blink 182′s Tom DeLonge, has turned to the world of indie animation to boost its multiplatform promotion for upcoming album The Dream Walker. Conceived by DeLonge, who co-directed the short with brothers Sergio and Edgar Martins, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker follows a lucid dreamer as he explores the dark world of the uncon worst nightmare: the monstrous Night Terror. When this dream world threatens waking reality, it’s up to Poet to fend it off.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker will premiere at the Toronto International Short Film Festival (Nov. 12-14) and will launch online Dec. 9. Magnetic Press is preparing a related comic series set for spring 2015.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker

  • James Griggs

    The animation for the short looks brilliant. What production company is actually producing the animation for the directors?