American Cinematheque Celebrates King Kong, Others

If you want to avoid the worst air-quality and summer heat in years in Los Angeles, you might consider heading indoors at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Home to American Cinematheque, organizers there have planned a busy August. Among other things on the program: the ongoing 4th Annual Festival of fantasy horror and science fiction (August 7-27); the L.A. premiere of the documentary Rockets Red Glare co-presented with Slamdance (August 14); director John Sayles in-person with a sneak preview of Casa de los Babys (August 21); Down Under Wonders co-presented with LAAFTA (August 19 and 20); and Sofia Coppola in person with a sneak preview of Lost in Translation (August 18).

The annual horror fest kicked off with a 50th anniversary cast and crew reunion screening of The War of the Worlds, which was followed by a mini-tribute to acclaimed producer/director George Pal. Also on tap is a 70th anniversary screening of the original 1933 King Kong, a 25th anniversary cast and crew reunion of the much-loved 1980s TV series Battlestar Gallactica and screenings of such rarely-seen treasures Malpertuis: History of a Cursed House with Orson Welles and Lars von Trier’s early, experimental thriller Epidemic. For details of all events check out