Win ‘Atomic Puppet’ Swag for Season 2

We’ve got something a little different for ya this time around! In celebration of the arrival of season two on Disney XD, fans have a chance to win a spiffy Atomic Puppet T-shirt and poster!

Atomic Puppet has returned with 13 brand new action packed episodes, offering more offbeat humor and superhero shenanigans. The series follows the adventures of an oddball super-duo: A famous superhero who has been transformed into a living puppet, and his biggest fan, 12-year-old Joey Felt. Struggling to work together, they form Mega City’s new baddy-buster: Atomic Puppet! Eric Bauza (“Marvin the Martian”) is showcased as the voice of both Joey and Atomic Puppet.

All you have to do is answer the following question correctly and email your name and address to [email protected], with the subject line Atomic Puppet Giveaway.

Check out the show’s YouTube channel for a taste of the action awaiting in season two!

Question: The Felt family’s cat may seem adorable, but AP is on to his diabolical secret identity, which is…

A. Naughty Kitty
B. Professor Bubbles
C. Disastro
D. Lex Luthor

Atomic Puppet

Atomic Puppet