Uli Meyer Studios Stitches Up Frankenred

Uli Meyer Studios recently completed Frankenred, its eighth promo for the current BSKYB Sky Active campaign featuring the character Lil Red. This latest spot introduces the CG character Uli, Frankenred’s little helper.

Set in the laboratory of Frankenred’s castle, the spot has Uli showing the mad scientist how to download polyphonic ring tones, top-ups and games to his cell phone. As Uli takes a few electrical shocks, Frankenred cackles, "My mobile, it’s alive!"

The original creators of the Lil Red character and campaign are network creative head Martin Delamere and creative director Rafaela Perera. Frankenred was created by BSKYB’s Dan Morgan and Craig Marsh, and produced by Cleo Hodgkinson.

Frankenred is part of a series of animated commercials, a selection of which can be seen in the CGI section of Uli Meyer’s website at www.ulimeyer.com.