Uli Meyer Animates Vbirds Promo for Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network and EMI contracted Uli Meyer Animation Studios to animate a promo for “Virtuality,” the first single from the digital girl band known as VBirds.

The characters, D:Lin, Boom, Bling and Wow are animated in Flash and have been combined with CG backgrounds and special effects created in Maya. The promo was composited in Combustion and edited/mastered on Avid. The spot was directed by Matt Jones and produced by Christian Roberton. Richard Kilgarriff served as executive producer for Cartoon Network.

Vbirds hail from the Planet V and live inside an arcade dance machine where they entertain youngsters. The quartet appeared in their own mini-series on Cartoon Network in December and hope to crack the music charts with “Virtuality,” set for release on April 21.