Hornet Inc. Designs and Animates Promo for Nick Jr.

After seeing Hornet Inc.’s own branding piece, Nickelodeon called on the design and animation studio to produce a promo for the fall launch of the new Nick Jr. series Max & Ruby. The piece was also designed as a vehicle to drive traffic to the Nick Jr. website, NickJr.com.

Hornet created a :10 spot that heads up a longer, :20 piece that incorporates footage dropped in later by the team at Nick Jr. After reviewing rough storyboards from the client, the design team at Hornet presented 3 different solutions. The chosen direction incorporates 3D elements into a 2D design scheme.

The background has the appearance of a flat paper diagram. Various 2D elements resembling hand-drawn sketches come to life, moving towards the viewer and around the page. The 3D objects feature de-saturated colors to complement established branding and contrast with the warm paper-like color of the background plate.

The whole project, delivered within in a 2-week time frame, was produced through Hornet’s New York and Los Angeles offices using Maya and After Effects.


Client: Nick Jr.

Design and Animation Studio: Hornet Inc.

Executive Producer: Michael Feder

Creative Director: Eng San Kho

Designer: Greg Harvey

Animator: Robin Roepstorff