Discreet Offers max 7.5 to Subscribers

Discreet today announced the upcoming release of 3ds max 7.5, a software upgrade to be exclusively offered to customers enrolled in the Discreet Subscription Program. The new version ... Continue Reading →

Toon Boom Studio v2.5 Learns French

Montreal-based Toon Boom Animation has released a French-language version of its Toon Boom Studio v2.5 for Windows and Mac. The popular animation software and its content-sensitive ... Continue Reading →

The Price is Right for Animazoo’s Mocap Solution

Brighton-based Animazoo has announced a turn-key solution for motion capture taught and created in academic settings. The company is offering a $30,000 package including Gypsy4, a full ... Continue Reading →

Maya 6.5 Shipping

Toronto-based software tech company Alias today announced the worldwide shipping of Maya 6.5, the latest version of its of its award-winning Maya 3D modeling and animation software ... Continue Reading →

HP Introduces AMD Opteron Workstation

In response to customer demand, HP today introduced its first workstation to include AMD Opteron processors and support for NVIDIA Quadro SLI dual PCI Express graphics. The 64-bit HP ... Continue Reading →

Vicon Acquires Peak Performance

Motion-capture technology leader Vicon Motion Systems has acquired the business and assets of Peak Performance Technologies Inc., a Denver, Col.-based mo-cap products provider specializing ... Continue Reading →

Toon Boom Studio Express 2.5 Arrives

Toon Boom Animation has announced the release of Toon Boom Studio Express v2.5, featuring a number of bug fixes and new features. The company is offering a special launch price and ... Continue Reading →

Discreet Lights Fuse on combustion 4

Discreet today announced that combustion 4, the latest version of its desktop compositing software, will be available for PC in March and for Mac in May of this year. The release promises ... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man 2 Pic Bundled with PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) announced that the much-hyped PSP (PlayStation Portable) handheld gaming device and entertainment system will be available at retail ... Continue Reading →

BOXX Unveils GoBOXX 2200 PCI-Express Mobile Workstation

Austin, Texas-based workstation powerhouse BOXX Technologies has unveiled its new GoBoxx 2200 mobile workstation. The new system is based on the NVIDIA Quadro FX Go 1400 PCI-Express ... Continue Reading →