Apple Opens Final Cut Studio

At the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) tradeshow in Las Vegas, Apple today unveiled Final Cut Studio, a top-of-the-line HD video production suite that features Final Cut ... Continue Reading →

IRIDAS Takes New Product Line-up to NAB

Munich, Germany-based uncompressed playback and metadata-based color correction tech manufacturer IRIDAS is taking an impressive line of new products to the NAB confab in Vegas (April ... Continue Reading →

Profound Effects’ Useful Assistants 1.7 at Your Service

Vfx developer Profound Effects has announced that its workflow automation tool for Adobe After Effects, Useful Assistants (UA) 1.7, is now available for shipping. Version 1.7 will attend ... Continue Reading →

Digital Domain Downloads Luxology’s modo

L.A.-based vfx powerhouse Digital Domain will intergrate Luxology modo’s new subdivisioin surface and polygonal modeling toolset into its production pipeline. The Oscar-winning ... Continue Reading →

Luxology Hosts Modeling Competitions at Apple Stores

Computer geeks who never won a ribbon on track-and-field day now have an opportunity to bring home a prize for their pixel-pushing prowess. Luxology, an independent developer of 3D ... Continue Reading →

Autodesk to Spill Toxik for FX

Autodesk Inc. will be at the National Association of Broadcasters’ Convention (NAB) in Las Vegas (April 18-21), showcasing new products such as Autodesk Toxik, a collaborative ... Continue Reading →

Autodesk Fires Off combustion 4

Autodesk Media & Entertainment (formerly Discreet) has shipped combustion 4, the latest version of its desktop compositing software, for PC. Coming for Mac this May, the release ... Continue Reading →

Discreet Gets Name Change

Discreet, maker of the widely used 3ds max animation software and other digital imaging products, has been renamed by parent company Autodesk Inc. Now dubbed Autodesk Media and Entertainment, ... Continue Reading →

CSI: Miami Clues in on Mo-Cap

Video game production schedules are typically murder on development teams, but when a motion-capture performer ends up dead on the set, it’s a job for the crime scene investigators ... Continue Reading →

BOXX Offers March Madness Deals

If you’ve been holding off on purchasing your next desktop workstation, you might want to head over to the Boxx Technologies web site ( to check out their “March ... Continue Reading →