Quake 4 to Shake XBox 360 on Nov. 18

id Software’s much-anticipated new Quake 4 game is set to storm the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system on Nov. 18. The new addition to the renowned franchise will be ... Continue Reading →

Brickyard Lays CG Foundation

Brickyard VFX has expanded into 3D animation with the launch of a CG division. The bi-coastal outfit will be headed by industry veterans Jay Lichtman, Robert Sethi and Yafei Wu, who ... Continue Reading →

Alias Preps for 3December

Alias, maker of Maya and other popular tools for 3D animation and rendering, has announced plans for 3December 2005, the 7th annual global celebration of 3D computer graphics. Tokyo, ... Continue Reading →

Maya Reigns at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

As Lucasfilm Animation Singapore opens its doors today, Alias announced that its Maya software has been chosen as the primary 3D animation technology for the facility. The popular, ... Continue Reading →

Sony Electronics Keeping It Reel Debuts 4K Projector

After years of bickering over whom will foot the bill for it, the Holy Grail of digital cinema seems to be coming closer to reality. The major studios and the big exhibition chains ... Continue Reading →

If You Can’t Lick ‘Em, Have Them Join You

A Norwegian hacker hero has been hired by a San Diego, California-based digital music service. The Associated Press is reporting that Jon Lech Johansen a.k.a "DVD Jon" began ... Continue Reading →

Autodesk Ships 3ds Max 8

Just days after announcing intentions to acquire competitor Alias, Autodesk has announced that it is shipping 3ds Max 8, the latest version of its award-winning 3D modeling, animation ... Continue Reading →

Toon Boom Ships Solo

Toon Boom Animation has announced that Toon Boom Solo, its latest 2D animation software package, is shipping to customers and retailers. Designed for small studios and independent animation ... Continue Reading →

Autodesk Buys Alias

Autodesk, the technology company behind 3ds max and other computer modeling and animation products announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire competitor Alias, ... Continue Reading →

Pixar’s RenderMan Makes Escape in Europe

Through a new a partnership with Pixar Animation Studios, Escape Studios will provide sales, training and support services for Pixar’s Academy Award-winning RenderMan software ... Continue Reading →