Autodesk Announces MotionBuilder 7.5

Autodesk Inc. has announced the initial roll-out of Autodesk MotionBuilder 7.5 character animation software. Designed to work hand-in-hand with motion capture technology, the software ... Continue Reading →

Brit Software Company Rules at Brummy Kudo-fest

While the concept of cartoons as educational took a beating a few years when a U.S. broadcaster tried to sell the Jetsons as a pedagogic look into the future, some programs really can ... Continue Reading →

Mirage Studio Pro On Sale Today

Mirage Studio Pro, the latest addition to the Mirage 2D animation product line, is officially on the market as of tomorrow morning. The new software integrates both the Bauhaus Animator’s ... Continue Reading →

NaturalMotion Euphoric About Run-Time

NaturalMotion, the developer of 3D animation technology based on dynamic motion synthesis, has announced the unleashing of euphoria, a significant breakthrough in run-time animation ... Continue Reading →

Argentina’s RedLojo Gets Animated

Veteran Argentinian film and TV producer Jorge Rodriguez, is goosing up his company’s recent entry into the animation business. Rodriguez is head of Buenos Aires-based RedLojo ... Continue Reading →

Softimage’s New Face Robot Begins Global Invasion

Score another one for the proponents of digital cloning! Yesterday, in Los Angeles, Softimage unveiled its state-of-the-art Face Robot, a hot new software application which delivers ... Continue Reading →

BOXX Supports New AMD Opteron Processors

BOXX Technologies Inc. is increasing the processing power of its new BOXX APEXX 4 super-workstation and its 3DBOXX 7400 and 5400 series dual-processor workstations by supporting Dual-Core ... Continue Reading →

GigaPix Opens VFX Shop

CG animation house GigaPix Studios is launching a visual effects department that will provide digital effects work and post-production services for feature films, television, commercials ... Continue Reading →

Wondertouch Emits Six New FX Libraries

Visual effects artists have six cool new pro emitter libraries to choose from this week. St. Louis-based software developer wondertouch has announced the release of its Professional ... Continue Reading →

Bauhaus Debuts Boardomatic v2

Bauhaus Software today announced Boardomatic v2, a new fully digital storyboarding system for Bauhaus Mirage, the company’s award-winning 2D animation product. Designed for 2D ... Continue Reading →