Digital Domain Gets Financial Boost

Academy Award-winning vfx studio Digital Domain has a little extra cash to play around with thanks to a $31 million investment from Falcon Investment Advisors and GunnAllen Financial. ... Continue Reading →

Luxology Debuts modo 202

Speed is the key to modo 202, the newest edition of Luxology’s 3D modeling, painting and rendering software, which is now available for purchase. In addition to boasting a peak ... Continue Reading →

Autodesk Unveils Max 9, Maya 8

Autodesk kicked off SIGGRAPH 2006 in a big way, announcing the latest versions of both 3ds Max and Maya. This is the first time both computer animation software packages have been demonstrated ... Continue Reading →

NaturalMotion Debuts Third Product at SIGGRAPH

NaturalMotion Ltd., developer of the Dynamic Motion Synthesis-based animation solutions endorphin and euphoria, announced that it will unveil a third product line this week at the SIGGRAPH ... Continue Reading →

VICON, Mova Join Mo-Cap Forces

At SIGGRAPH in Boston today, leading motion-capture solutions provider VICON announced a technology partnership with San Francisco-based company Mova, which is unveiling its new Mova ... Continue Reading →

Stan Winston FX revealed in New Book

Stan Winston, one of the leading figures in modern visual effects, shares details of his career and some of his trade secrets in a new book titled The Winston Effect: The Art & ... Continue Reading →

Bauhaus Gets Boost from Texas

2D animation and special effects software provider Bauhaus Software has secured funding from the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF), which it will use to expand its development ... Continue Reading →

S4 VFX Trailer Animation

S4 VFX, a recently established division of S4 Studios, will produce more 3D animation and graphics for motion picture advertising via new working relationships with Los Angeles-based ... Continue Reading →

Inventor Speeds 3D Conversion Process

When it was announced that Superman Returns would be released in IMAX 3D along with its conventional roll-out on June 28, many fans were disappointed to learn that only 20 minutes of ... Continue Reading →

ILM Selling Physical Unit

With the model spacecrafts, miniature sets and hand-painted mattes seen throughout the original Star Wars trilogy replaced by computer-generated imagery for the new films, it was just ... Continue Reading →