Wildform’s Linx Flash Editor Released

For those interested is using Flash but not eager to learn the intricacies of the medium, media software creator Wildform offers the Linx Flash Editor. In addition to laying claim to ... Continue Reading →

One Six Eight Sweeps Up For Regis And Kelly

San Francisco-based One Six Eight Design Group is a regular contributor to Live with Regis and Kelly, particularly around Sweeps Week. During the past year Buena Vista Television has ... Continue Reading →

iO Film Turns Match-maker for Harryhausen Film

Fifty years in the making, the new Ray Harryhausen short, The Tortoise and the Hare, has received a lot of media attention recently, as have collaborators Mark Caballero and Seamus ... Continue Reading →

3dBob Scrubs up for TV Effect

For a recent episode of the hit NBC comedy Scrubs, 3dBob Prods. was called in to do a grotesque face melting effect a la Raiders of the Lost Ark. While it may seem a bit shocking for ... Continue Reading →

Cinesite Journeys to Solaris

Visual effects house Cinesite completed approximately 75 visual effects for the Fox Pictures release of Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris. The remake of director Andrei Tarkovsky’s ... Continue Reading →

LightWave3D Bundled on 3DBOXX

BOXX Technologies has partnered with 3D graphics and animation software developer NewTek to bundle and distribute LightWave3D graphics and animation software on 3DBOXX workstations. ... Continue Reading →

Eden FX Launches Feature Film Unit; Emmy Award Winner Laurel Klick Named Visual Effects Supervisor

CG specialty shop Eden FX has expanded its operations into the feature film realm. Complementing the company’s existing broadcast unit, the new feature film unit will be headed ... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter EFX House Done With Movie Magic

London visual effects facility The Mill, which contributed greatly to the effects in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is leaving the feature film industry to focus exclusively ... Continue Reading →

Pixar Renders RenderMan 11

Pixar Animation Studios has released RenderMan 11, the latest version of its Academy Award-winning visual effects software. New features include global illumination and deep shadows. RenderMan ... Continue Reading →

AvatarLabs Dives Into Motion Graphics Biz

Motion graphics and editorial design studio AvatarLabs has opened for business in Encino, Calif. Under creative director, producer, and designer Rex Cook, the company’s initial ... Continue Reading →