DVD Hardware Sales Charging Hard In Soft Economy

The U.S. economy may be in a slump, but don’t tell that to the manufacturers of DVD hardware. Proving that it has to be the consumer product of the decade, DVD machines continue ... Continue Reading →

Sony Picks Sonic Foundry Software

Sony Pictures Digital and Sonic Foundry, Inc. announced today that SPD has acquired all of Sonic Foundry’s desktop software products and related assets in a $19 million-plus deal. “Sony ... Continue Reading →

Short, Back and Sides, CGI Style

Another marker on the road to total CGI photo-reality was announced today by SplutterFish LLC at this year’s Siggraph in San Diego, Calif., taking place this week. The high-end ... Continue Reading →

Turbo Squid Gets Jiggy at SIGGY

Turbo Squid, the exclusive publisher and worldwide distributor of the Discreet-certified 3ds max plug-in program, has announced the release of Turbo Toolkit, a suite of eight premium ... Continue Reading →

SIGGRAPH 2003 Discreet Introduces 3ds max 6

Discreet held a press conference at SIGGRAPH in San Diego, Calif. yesterday to unveil the latest version of its popular 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution. 3ds max 6 incorporates ... Continue Reading →

New Maya Renderer Comes Out of Shell at SIGGRAPH

Illuminate Labs will reveal a new renderer for Maya at SIGGRAPH 2003. The company claims TURTLE for Maya will offer previously unseen rendering speed for complex scenes with advanced ... Continue Reading →

Turbo Squid releases ACT 1.6 for 3ds max

Online digital marketplace Turbo Squid announced the certification and release of cgCharacter’s Absolute Character Tools (ACT) 1.6 Pro as a Discreet certified 3ds max plug-in. ... Continue Reading →

Alias|Wavefront Changes Name After 20 Years

Toronto, Canada-based digital solutions provider Alias|Wavefront is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of a corporate identity change from Alias|Wavefront to simply Alias. ... Continue Reading →

NXN alienbrain VFX 2.0 to Invade SIGGRAPH

NXN Software will be at SIGGRAPH 2003 to introduce NXN alienbrain VFX 2.0, the next version of its asset and production management system for the development of long-form, computer-animated ... Continue Reading →

Stan Winston Goes CG

It’s a sign of the times when Hollywood special effects master Stan Winston, known for his animatronics work on such film franchises as Jurassic Park, The Terminator, Alien and ... Continue Reading →