LA SIGGRAPH Explores Future of Visual Effects

Visual effects have come a long way since Edison and others started experimenting with in-camera tricks during film’s infancy. But what’s next? That’s a question L.A. ... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA Unveils New 2D Graphics Board

Ever on the lookout for the next big thing graphically speaking, NVIDIA Corp. is bringing a new 2D solution to the pro marketplace. The new NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 PCI, is a professional ... Continue Reading →

Avid Buys NXN

Avid Technology Inc. has acquired Munich-based NXN Software AG, whose asset management system, alienbrain, has been adopted by Pixar, Sony Pictures Imageworks, LucasArts, Electronic ... Continue Reading →

VFX Bakeoff Delivers Sweet Eye Candy

Last night the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented the Visual Effects Bakeoff, an annual event that decides the year’s Oscar nominees in the category. Held at ... Continue Reading →

Sprint Comics Going Mobile, In Living Color

One more reason for people to stare at their mobile phones in public has come on-line today as mobile phone giant Sprint says it’s bringing the funnies to cell phones nationwide. Through ... Continue Reading →

Npower Software Introduces New Power RhinoToMax

3D model builders can now use nPower’s powerful Rhino capabilities and import them directly into 3ds max/Viz for high-quality renderings and animation projects. The San Diego-based ... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA Lends Helping Hand to NASA

The company whose graphics cards power many of the world’s PCs and Macs is now on the Martian surface. Sort of. NVIDIA Corp. has announced that NASA is using its technology to ... Continue Reading →

Popular Cloth F/X Package Re-named, Re-worked

Turbo Squid is releasing an updated version of the popular cloth f/x plug-in Stitch under the new moniker clothfx. The new package provides users with a multitude of advanced tools ... Continue Reading →

Matrix Revolves on VES Nom List

Last month, The Matrix Revolutions failed to appear on the Academy Awards Visual Effects branch shortlist, but the movie’s impressive visual effects have not gone unnoticed by ... Continue Reading →

Apple Unveils New Digi Sound Tech at NAMM

It’s not just Moby who can produce winning beats from his Manhattan apartment. In search of the perfect (and low-cost) score, more and more one-man bands are looking to off-the-shelf ... Continue Reading →