3Com Gigabit Ethernet Technology Goes Hollywood

Just as ever-cheaper storage space and chip-speed made it possible for boutique EFX houses to compete with the big guys in the 1990s, now economical high-speed data transfer technologies ... Continue Reading →

Realnetworks Listens In Rhapsody

The company that brought you the software to play video on your home computer is getting into the music business. RealNetworks Inc. has announced the completion of its acquisition of ... Continue Reading →

Big Blue Joins Food Fight With Threshhold

Convergence may have been over-hyped as a consumer concept a few years back, but as a corporate business model in a digital age it’s hotter than ever. TVs still make lousy computers ... Continue Reading →

Graphics Card Maker on The Make

The competition between computer graphics card makers to be ubiquitous in the PC world has jumped outside the box and into your cell phone. Or it soon will. Santa Clara-based nVidia ... Continue Reading →

Kodak Continues Digital Shift

With Kodak’s film business continuing to shrink as digital solutions infringe upon both the consumer and professional sides of the business, execs saw a need to re-brand the company ... Continue Reading →

Maxon Teams with Oscar-winner for New Paint

MAXON Computer, the award-winning developer of 3D software applications, got some high-profile help for its brand, spanking new release of BodyPaint 3D Release 2. With development aided ... Continue Reading →

BOXX Gets Discreet To The Max

BOXX Technologies, one of the first computer companies to manufacture ultra-affordable CGI hardware and software solutions for boutique f/x shops, is entering into a strategic alliance ... Continue Reading →

DVD Hardware Sales Charging Hard In Soft Economy

The U.S. economy may be in a slump, but don’t tell that to the manufacturers of DVD hardware. Proving that it has to be the consumer product of the decade, DVD machines continue ... Continue Reading →

Sony Picks Sonic Foundry Software

Sony Pictures Digital and Sonic Foundry, Inc. announced today that SPD has acquired all of Sonic Foundry’s desktop software products and related assets in a $19 million-plus deal. “Sony ... Continue Reading →

Short, Back and Sides, CGI Style

Another marker on the road to total CGI photo-reality was announced today by SplutterFish LLC at this year’s Siggraph in San Diego, Calif., taking place this week. The high-end ... Continue Reading →