Sony’s New 4:4:4 HD System Adopted for Episode III

When production on the latest installment in the Star Wars saga begins in June at Fox Studios Australia, Sony’s new 4:4:4 RGB high-definition (HD) camera and new high-data rate ... Continue Reading →

Animatrix Director Andy Jones Takes Final Flight

In the collection of nine short films known as the Animatrix, the entry Final Flight of the Osiris is a standout. While the other films use the traditional anime style to tell Matrix-inspired ... Continue Reading →

IBM Dips Into Nvidia Chip Biz

IBM Corp. and NVIDIA have announced a multi-year strategic alliance that will see IBM manufacturing NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce graphics processor units. The agreement will ... Continue Reading →

Nelvana Gets More Bang With Toon Boom

Montreal-based 2D animation software supplier Toon Boom Technologies has entered into a long-term partnership with Corus Ent.’s Nelvana Ltd. Using its newly launched USAnimation ... Continue Reading →

Turbo Squid Releases Kaydara’s HumanIK Plug-in for 3ds max

Online digital marketplace Turbo Squid ( is offering Kaydara’s HumanIK, a Discreet-certified 3ds max plug-in for character animation. The is now available for ... Continue Reading →

Right Hemisphere Releases Deep Paint 2

Visual solutions software provider Right Hemisphere has released the next generation of the award-winning Deep Paint software. The new version features a more user-friendly interface ... Continue Reading →

Turbo Squid and Kaydara Form New FBX Community for 3D Digital Assets

Turbo Squid and Kaydara Inc. today announced that a new Kaydara FBX Community has been added to Turbo Squid’s quickly growing web site. With over 700 active FBX models, scenes, ... Continue Reading →

Metrowerks Pushes New Nintendo Development Hardware

Metrowerks, creator of CodeWarrior software for developers, is distributing Nintendo’s new GameCube development tool. TDEV, essentially a GameCube unit with network capability, ... Continue Reading →

Armaverse Lets the Dogs Out

Armaverse, a provider of lower-cost metal armature kits for stop-motion animation, has introduced its new Phase 3 dog line. The kits provide all the parts needed to construct a variety ... Continue Reading →

AnarkDigital Launched

Anark Corp., creator of the 3D multimedia authoring software, Anark Studio, has formed AnarkDigital, a design house specializing in the development of broadcast-quality interactive ... Continue Reading →