Turbo Squid and Kaydara Form New FBX Community for 3D Digital Assets

Turbo Squid and Kaydara Inc. today announced that a new Kaydara FBX Community has been added to Turbo Squid’s quickly growing web site. With over 700 active FBX models, scenes, ... Continue Reading →

Metrowerks Pushes New Nintendo Development Hardware

Metrowerks, creator of CodeWarrior software for developers, is distributing Nintendo’s new GameCube development tool. TDEV, essentially a GameCube unit with network capability, ... Continue Reading →

Armaverse Lets the Dogs Out

Armaverse, a provider of lower-cost metal armature kits for stop-motion animation, has introduced its new Phase 3 dog line. The kits provide all the parts needed to construct a variety ... Continue Reading →

AnarkDigital Launched

Anark Corp., creator of the 3D multimedia authoring software, Anark Studio, has formed AnarkDigital, a design house specializing in the development of broadcast-quality interactive ... Continue Reading →

IStopMotion V. 0.3 Released

While the emergence of digital technology spelled out the death of stop-motion animation in big budget effects work, it has also given birth to a resurgence in people getting involved ... Continue Reading →

Artists Get Bent into Shape

Three artists have combined forces to launch Bent Image Lab, an animation house and hybrid live action production studio headquartered in Portland, OR. Each skilled in different disciplines, ... Continue Reading →

Big Idea Protects VeggieTales DVD with Macrovision

With the DVD recorder market on the rise, studios are concerned that the film industry will fall victim to the same piracy problems that hit the music industry when Napster and illegal ... Continue Reading →

Digital Dimension Brings the Pain in Final Destination II

While death may not be proud, three-time Emmy Award-winning visual effects studio Digital Dimension was happy to do the work of the grim reaper in New Line Cinema’s Final Destination ... Continue Reading →

Softimage Offers Free Version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0

Specifically designed for training purposes, a free version of Softimage’s 3D nonlinear production software, SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0, is available to download for use with the Microsoft ... Continue Reading →

ILM, Skywalker Sound Honored

With the exception of Storm Trooper and Yoda costumes, the sidewalk outside of the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood began to look like the opening of a new Star Wars film last night as ... Continue Reading →