Bauhaus Announces New GFX and EFX Software

Bauhaus Software has announced the launch of its flagship product, Mirage. Described by the company as "a unified environment for creating animated graphics and special effects," ... Continue Reading →

Digimation Sees Forest for the Trees

Bit-by-bit and byte-by-byte, animated 3D photo-reality is getting closer to the real thing all the time. And New Orleans-based Digimation added to the progress toward that goal, announcing ... Continue Reading →

New Software Takes Jitters Out of Videography

Doing some rotoscoping and want to clean up the shaky camera work in your source video? If your shooting style was so jittery that even your camera’s image stabilization technology ... Continue Reading →

Processor Giant on Global Search for a Few Good Animators

To highlight the debut of its newest processor technology in late September, chipmaker AMD is on a fast worldwide search for the best non-commercial animated and CGI work it can find. Eligible ... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Net Gets Another Prime Kid’s Win

The dog days of summer got off to a good start for Cartoon Network. In the first week of August, the net was in first place in all ad-supported cable in both total day and prime time ... Continue Reading →

PC Widescreen Signs On With Nvidia

Looking to steal some thunder from Apple’s popular widescreen PowerBook, computer-maker Hewlett-Packard has chosen to power the graphics on its new 17-inch notebook with a Nvidia ... Continue Reading →

Journey Publishing, Digital Video Team Is Academic

Journey Publishing Inc., a subsidiary of Journey Education Marketing Inc., has teamed up with Digital Video, creators of Toonz animation tools, to offer TAB 2.0, a new paperless animation ... Continue Reading →

Magix Cuts Price, Complexity of PC Editing

Where only a few years ago digital editing software was well beyond the resources of the average consumer, now consumer-versions of pro packages are not only inexpensive, they’re ... Continue Reading →

3Com Gigabit Ethernet Technology Goes Hollywood

Just as ever-cheaper storage space and chip-speed made it possible for boutique EFX houses to compete with the big guys in the 1990s, now economical high-speed data transfer technologies ... Continue Reading →

Realnetworks Listens In Rhapsody

The company that brought you the software to play video on your home computer is getting into the music business. RealNetworks Inc. has announced the completion of its acquisition of ... Continue Reading →