Digital Dimension Brings the Pain in Final Destination II

While death may not be proud, three-time Emmy Award-winning visual effects studio Digital Dimension was happy to do the work of the grim reaper in New Line Cinema’s Final Destination ... Continue Reading →

Softimage Offers Free Version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0

Specifically designed for training purposes, a free version of Softimage’s 3D nonlinear production software, SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0, is available to download for use with the Microsoft ... Continue Reading →

ILM, Skywalker Sound Honored

With the exception of Storm Trooper and Yoda costumes, the sidewalk outside of the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood began to look like the opening of a new Star Wars film last night as ... Continue Reading →

Softimage Spins Magic Roundabout Movie

In creating animation for the upcoming CG feature version of the 1960s cult European TV series The Magic Roundabout, French animation studio Action Synthèse has chosen to use ... Continue Reading →

Anark Debuts Exporters for Leading 3D Tools

Anark’s three new 3D exporters allow users Alias|Wavefront’s Maya, NewTek’s Lightwave and Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration to integrate their 3D creations ... Continue Reading →

Turbo Squid Partners with Discreet, Releases finalToon Plug-in

Online digital marketplace Turbo Squid has entered into a partnership with Discreet and will be the exclusive worldwide publisher and distributor for Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins. ... Continue Reading →

Curious Labs, e-on software Bundle Poser 4 and Vue d’Esprit 4

Curious Labs, makers of the human animation product Poser, and e-on software, makers of the cross-platform Vue d’Esprit, 4 announced their plans to continue future development ... Continue Reading →

ILM Shares File Format

In an effort to establish a file format standard for the visual effects industry, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has released its proprietary extended dynamic image file format, ... Continue Reading →

3DBOXX Workstations Offer NVIDIA Quadro FX

BOXX Technologies is offering support for the new NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics solutions in its series of 3DBOXX workstations running Microsoft Windows or Linux. With three parallel vertex ... Continue Reading →

Framestore CFC Bites into Baskervilles

On Sunday, Jan. 19, ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre will present an all-new version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles on PBS. This re-imagining of the Sherlock ... Continue Reading →