BoJack Horseman

Netflix Re-Ups ‘BoJack Horseman’ for Fifth Season

The “clingy execs” at Netflix have earned their keep with the news that Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s award-winning, widely acclaimed BoJack Horseman will return to the streaming service ... Continue Reading →

Players Get Animated for Cartoon Network’s ‘NBA All-Star Jam’

As part of Turner’s exclusive coverage of NBA All-Star 2016 in Toronto (Feb. 11-14), Cartoon Network is getting in on the action by featuring NBA All-star starter LeBron James (of ... Continue Reading →

December 2014 Tech Reviews

Adobe Mobile Apps Recently, Adobe announced a library of mobile apps that tie seamlessly into your Creative Cloud library, which has also been updated to store preferences, libraries ... Continue Reading →

Move Over, Flash Gordon!

Just when you thought it was safe to make nefarious plans for intergalactic domination, a new hero comes along that makes you stop and revisit your plans—or just have a good laugh. ... Continue Reading →

Get Ready for Chinese Zodiac Action!

Keefe Entertainment and Animation Development Co. prepare their big Z-Force attack. If you need to hear someone speak passionately about the changing paradigms in children’s entertainment ... Continue Reading →

Action Hero Father Knows Best

It’s been two years since Woodland Hillsbased Animation Development Company and Toonzone Studios teamed up to work on their first joint venture, a great-looking toon called Action ... Continue Reading →

Free Digital Preview

Animation Magazine reports monthly on all aspects of animation worldwide and is the most comprehensive resource for information on technology, feature films, television, gaming, 3D/Visual ... Continue Reading →