Mama Mirabelle Comes to PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS will start airing 26 half-hour episodes of the children’s series Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies on September 8. The co-production of National Geographic Kids Ent., ... Continue Reading →

New Spider-Man is Spectacular

Kids’ WB! on The CW announced that the official title of the new animated webslinger TV series will be The Spectacular Spider-Man. Slated to premiere in early 2008, the show picks ... Continue Reading →

HBO Makes Historic Magic Acquisition

Magic Cellar, the first animated series to be based on African culture, has been acquired for broadcast in the United States by HBO. This marks the first-ever sale of an African animated ... Continue Reading →

Cuppa Coffee Brews Fresh Bounty Hunter PSA

Duane (Dog the Bounty Hunter) Chapman is the latest celebrity to become a stop-motion animated character, thanks to the folks at Canada’s Cuppa Coffee Studios. Dog is the star ... Continue Reading →

Portfolio’s Carl2 Gets Teletoon Nod For Fourth Go-Round

Portfolio Entertainment’s witty tweens-targeted animated comedy series Carl2 is getting a fourth season on TELETOON (Canada) with 13 new episodes. ‘TELETOON continues to ... Continue Reading →

Stan Lee to Animate Sexy Paris Hilton Strip

After bringing to life characters such as Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, comic-book legend Stan Lee will focus his attentions on current jailbird heiress Paris Hilton. The New ... Continue Reading →

Lil’ Bush Wreaks Havoc on Comedy Central

As the real-life President Bush’s popularity ratings sink to all-time low, an animated kid-sized version of George W. gets ready for his close-up on Comedy Central tonight. Co-proudced ... Continue Reading →

Nicktoons Reveals Second Season of Secret Show

A four-hour marathon airing of Collingwood O’Hare’s award-winning series The Secret Show will kick off its second season on Nicktoons on Sunday, July 1st. The network’s ... Continue Reading →

BRB’s Angus & Cheryl to Air on Radio Canada

Spanish toon powerhouse BRB has announced that its well-received Hi-Def 3D series Angus & Cheryl will be airing on pubcaster Radio Canada.The deal constitutes a new international ... Continue Reading →

Spanish Tooth Fairy Sweetens TV Deal

A Spanish mouse version of the Tooth Fairy will be getting its own animated TV show soon. Variety reports that The Hairy Tooth Fairy, Spain’s biggest box-office hit of the year, ... Continue Reading →