Duel Masters Takes Fight to FIVE

U.K. broadcaster FIVE has secured free-to-air TV rights to Entertainment Rights’ hit anime series, Duel Masters. FIVE will air all 26 episodes of the show in its boy’s action ... Continue Reading →

Justice League Unlimited Bow Moved up

Those of you eagerly awaiting the launch of Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited will have a shorter wait than previously thought. The show was originally slated to debut ... Continue Reading →

Indian Toon House Makes U.K. Frost

Mumbai, India-based Maya Entertainment Ltd (MEL) tells us that it is animating Jack Frost, a 30-minute animated special based on a best-selling U.K. children’s book. The 3D-animated ... Continue Reading →

National Geographic Animates Adventures In Color

National Geographic Television & Film’s (NGT&F) Kids’ Programming and Production unit has optioned the acclaimed Adventures In Color children’s book series ... Continue Reading →

Lanterna Magica Hatches Gino the Chicken

Italian animation studio Lanterna Magica, in association with studios Enarmonia and Melazeta, will produce 52 episodes of a new series titled Gino the Chicken. Co-produced with Italian ... Continue Reading →

Ex-Late Night Producer Joins Carey’s Green Screen

Having spent seven years on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman, Emmy-winning producer Robert Morton is anything but green. He will, however, be seeing a lot of green as part ... Continue Reading →

Pitch Party Results!

Results of the Third Annual Animation Magazine Pitch Party are in! Our esteemed panel of industry judges voted. Our staff voted. You voted. Now we’re pleased to announce those ... Continue Reading →

Guilds Reach Deal for Ani Scribes

The Writer’s Guild of America West has reached an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers that affect how animation writers choose jobs. According ... Continue Reading →

4Kids Ent. Markets Mew Mew, F-Zero Worldwide

4Kids Entertainment Inc. is bringing two new Japanese anime series to the global marketplace. Tokyo Mew Mew, a drama/action series targeted to girls, and F-Zero, a high-velocity boys ... Continue Reading →

SCI FI Scores with CG Critters

SCI FI Channel enjoyed its highest rated second quarter ever, thanks in part to a host of computer-generated creatures. According to the cabler, primetime ratings are up 11% over the ... Continue Reading →