Cosgrove Hall’s Engie Races Around the World

Going into this year’s MIPCOM, producer Cosgrove Hall Films’ and distributor Granada International’s preschool series Engie Benjy already boasts sales to more than ... Continue Reading →

BBC Wales Picks Up More Bobinogs

The Flash-animated, educational pre-school series Bobinogs, which bowed last Autumn, will enjoy an extended run in the U.K. Produced by Cardiff-based animation studio Siriol Prods., ... Continue Reading →

France Animation Closes Pre-MIPCOM Sales

Even before heading into MIPCOM 2003, youth programming producer/distributor France Animation has concluded a raft of worldwide sales and renewals for its animation and documentary ... Continue Reading →

Spike TV Toons in Howard Stern

Spike TV continues to acquire properties for its adult animation block, The Strip. C21 Media reports that the popular late night lineup currently populated by Stan Lee’s Stripperella, ... Continue Reading →

New Transformers Series Goes to Entertainment Rights

Entertainment Rights has secured the television and video rights to Transformers Energon, the next chapter in the epic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The company is ... Continue Reading →

Dragon Tales Soaring with Kids and Moms

The animated preschool series Dragon Tales, which airs in PBS’s Ready to Learn block, is a hit with young viewers and those who look after them. According to the latest Nielsen ... Continue Reading →

Disney Channel Japan to Launch Through J-COM

Beginning November 18, Jupiter Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (J-COM Broadband) will distribute Disney Channel Japan to subscribers nationwide. Disney Channel Japan will be the second-largest ... Continue Reading →

Gee, Davey, We’re History!

Back when cartoons were mostly reserved for Saturday mornings, the Art Clokey-animated Davey & Goliath was the just about the only animated thing on Sunday morning TV. Those who ... Continue Reading →

Atomic Monsters Invade Cannes

Ever wonder what Godzilla did on his days off from stomping Tokyo? Cyberpunk author Steve Aylett taks a humorous look at the domestic lives of the world’s giant mutants with Atomic ... Continue Reading →

Designer SquarePants to Benefit Kids with AIDS

Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants serves as the inspiration for 16 of the world’s most prestigious fashion designers to create Designer SquarePants. Giorgio Armani, Jeffrey ... Continue Reading →