Matrix Producer Behind Horror Network

Joel Silver, the uber producer behind the Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Matrix franchises, has teamed with Orchid Ventures to create Scream, a new television network dedicated to horror, ... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Network Tricks Out Megas XLR

Imagine what a New Jersey kid who customizes cars would do with an 80-foot robot he found in a junkyard. Then imagine what would happen when aliens from the future come back to destroy ... Continue Reading →

Activision’s Shrek 2 Swamps Stores

As DreamWorks gears up to return to its slightly twisted version of Fairy Tale Land with this summer’s release of the animated feature Shrek 2, Activision is getting a head start ... Continue Reading →

Comcast Drops Mouse Merger Bid

Comcast Corp. today withdrew its proposal to merge with Disney, effective immediately. Brian L. Roberts, president and CEO of Comcast, said “We have always been disciplined in ... Continue Reading →

Disney Completes Kermit Purchase

The Walt Disney Co. has completed its previously announced acquisition of The Jim Henson Co.’s Muppets and Bear in the Big Blue House. The brands are now officially part of Disney ... Continue Reading →

Comedy Central Stands Up for Shorties

Comedy Central, home of the foul-mouthed kids of South Park, is giving birth to a couple more animated tykes with some pretty outrageous things to say. Animation and standup comedy ... Continue Reading →

Frog Jumps from Page to Screen

Dutch companies Telescreen and Kids at Work have teamed up to produce the animated series Frog, based on the books by author/illustrator Max Velthuijs. The property has previously been ... Continue Reading →

Corman’s Dinocroc Rampages on Sci Fi

Schlock-and-shock king Roger Corman celebrates his 50th year in movies with the release of his latest creature feature, Dinocroc. The film, which employs digital animation to bring ... Continue Reading →

BBC Pulls for More Little Red Tractor

The BBC has ordered 26 more 10-minute episodes of Entertainment Rights’ stop-motion-animated preschool series Little Red Tractor. The show has only been on the air a few weeks, ... Continue Reading →

Noah & Saskia Goes from Oz to the Middle East

Following preliminary discussions at MIPTV, Middle East Media has licensed the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) production Noah & Saskia for Free TV in the ... Continue Reading →