Bardel Zeroes in on Anton’s World

Are kids ready to peel their Christmas Orange all year round? That’s what the creative team at Vancouver-based animation studio Bardel Ent. are hoping as they get ready to shop ... Continue Reading →

Adrenalini Brothers Rush to Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has acquired the The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!, an animated series from Bejuba Ent. and co-production partners Pesky and Studio B Prods. Based on a popular series ... Continue Reading →

Ninja Turtles Fast Forward to Future

4Kids Ent. announced today that the fifth season of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series will take place 99 years in the future and will offer a whole new look for the heroes ... Continue Reading →

Boondocks Gets Second Season

Aaron McGruder’s controversial animated series, The Boondocks, will return for a second season on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]. The broadcaster has ordered 20 more episodes ... Continue Reading →

New Shows for Nick Latin America

At NATPE, Nickelodeon Latin America announced the lineup new animated and live-programming to join its 2006 schedule. The network has acquired the animated series Lola and Virginia ... Continue Reading →

Marathon’s Team Galaxy Beams Down to Cartoon Network

Paris-based toon powerhouse Marathon Animation will be moving from the femme espionage world of Totally Spies! to the teen space cadet universe of Team Galaxy this fall. Cartoon Network ... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Network Buys Ellen’s Acres, HTDT

Cartoon Network has picked upEllen’s Acres and HTDT, two original series from New York toon studio Animation Collective. The shows will both debut in the fall on Cartoon Network, ... Continue Reading →

Jetix Tangles with Monster Warriors

Giant movie monsters come to life and terrorize Capital City in Monster Warriors, Jetix Europe’s new action series that blends live-action and CG animation. Produced by Canadian ... Continue Reading →

CBS, Warner Bros. Plan 5th Network

CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. Ent. today announced plans to launch The CW, a new major network to compete with CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. Scheduled to debut this fall, the new broadcasting ... Continue Reading →

SPTI Draws Blood Plus from Aniplex

Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) has agreed to acquire television and home video rights to the anime series Blood Plus from Aniplex Inc. Covering Asia (outside of Japan), ... Continue Reading →