Nick to Spin More Miss Spider

Nickelodeon has ordered 20 new episodes of the 3D-animated series Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends. Based on the beloved book series by David Kirk, the show is co-produced by ... Continue Reading →

Maggie Begins Buzzing on Disney

Disney Channel’s new Flash-animated series The Buzz on Maggie lands on the cabler tonight at 8 p.m. Created by Dave Polsky, who was a writer on Scary Movie 2, South Park and ... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Network Pens Ben 10 for ’06

It looks like Cartoon Network’s latest toon character has a bad case of multiple personalities. Ben Tennyson, the 10-year-old her of CN’s Ben 10, can transform himself into ... Continue Reading →

Lucas Memo to TV Execs: Show Me Your Money

The six-film series may be history now, but the revenue will continue to flow for years to come. Yesterday, came word from the George Lucas camp that, if the price is right, you too ... Continue Reading →

An Afterlife for Firefly

Joss Whedon’s cancelled Fox series Firefly just won’t give up. Jettisoned over two-and-a-half years ago after only 11 episodes, the Sci Fi Channel has bought the exclusive ... Continue Reading →

Nick Back in Germany Sans SpongeBob SquarePants

A chastened Nickleodeon, which launched and flamed out in Germany in three years in the mid 1990s, is coming back to Germany for one more try. And it’ll have to do it, at least ... Continue Reading →

Gagné Gets Insanely Twisted

Fans of animation designer and vfx wiz Michael Gagné will have to make sure they fire up their TiVos and VCRs before partaking in Halloween festivities this year. Gagné, ... Continue Reading →

Hartman Talks Oddparents Musical

Tonight, Jan 10, sees the premiere of School’s Out! The Musical, an hour-long special episode of Nickelodeon’s hit toon, The Fairly OddParents. Featuring a whopping 11 musical ... Continue Reading →

Postman Pat Stamped for HBO Family

U.K.-based independent media group Entertainment Rights Plc. (ER) has inked a deal to bring its hit British animated series Postman Pat to young U.S. viewers on HBO Family. The show ... Continue Reading →

Ren and Stimpy Visit TV Land

John Kricfalusi’s twisted dog-and-cat duo is coming to cable network TV Land for a one-night, two-hour marathon on Friday, June 17. Kicking off at 12 a.m. (ET/PT), the event is ... Continue Reading →