Simpsons Picked Up for 2 More Seasons

The Simpsons will live long enough to legally order a drink, thanks to a two-season pickup from Fox. Matt Groening’s animation fixture will continue for 44 more episodes, bringing ... Continue Reading →

Trek Crew’s Next Stop: Family Guy

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is set to beam into Quahog on an upcoming episode of Family Guy. The upcoming episode, titled ‘Not All Dogs Go to Heaven,’ will ... Continue Reading →

CBS Refills Cookie Jar for Three More Seasons

Canada-based Cookie Jar Entertainment and CBS have extended their deal for a block of Saturday-morning animation for three more seasons. Cookie Jar and its predecessor, DIC Entertainment, ... Continue Reading →

Nick Grabs Elephant Princess for Global Markets

Nick International has picked up the live-action tween series The Elephant Princess to air in Europe, Africa and Latin America. The channel also picked up from distributor ZDF Enterprises ... Continue Reading →

Astin Stars in New Disney Series Oso

The Disney Playhouse series Special Agent Oso, starring Sean Astin as a panda bear training to be a spy, is set to debut April 4 on Disney Channel. The preschooler series will be supported ... Continue Reading →

King Rollo Unveils Humf on U.K.’s Nick Jr.

Humf, a new animated preschool series created by Andrew Brenner of Angelina Ballerina and Maisy fame, is set to debut next month on Nick Jr. in the U.K. The series’starring a ... Continue Reading →

Marvel Assembles Squad for CN

Marvel Entertainment’s top superheroes are teaming up for a new series on Cartoon Network. The cable channel has ordered up 26 episodes of a new animated series called Marvel ... Continue Reading →

SpongeBob Tops China Ratings

SpongeBob SquarePants‘ return to China has been a ratings success. Nick’s hit animated series, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, returned to China Central Television ... Continue Reading →

Simpsons Opening Spruced Up for HD Debut

This past Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons was not only the first episode of the long-running show to air in high definition, it also sported a new opening title sequence. The ... Continue Reading →

Target Brings New Fifi, Roary Series to MIPTV

London-based Target Entertainment Group will be bringing new series of the hit U.K. preschool shows Fifi and the Flowertots and Roary the Racing Car to MIPTV. Both shows were developed ... Continue Reading →