Deko Boko Climbs to Canada’s Treehouse

Manga and animation licensing/publishing entity VIZ Media will introduce young Canadian viewers to the animated preschool series Deko Boko Friends on Treehouse TV in September. The ... Continue Reading →

Kids’ WB! Premieres New Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Grand Championship, the fifth season of the hit animé series, will have its exclusive U.S. premiere on Kids’ WB! this weekend. The early preview with air on Saturday, ... Continue Reading →

Beavis & Butt-Head Return to MTV, Disc

After a seven-year absence from MTV, Beavis and Butt-Head are coming back to present at the 2005 MTV Music Video Awards on Aug. 28. In addition to announcing the winner of the Viewer’s ... Continue Reading →

Wonder Showzen Goes On at MTV2

The abrasive, but often brilliant cult hit Wonder Showzen has been renewed for a second season on MTV2, according to Daily Variety. The new season will reportedly get the cable outlet’s ... Continue Reading →

G4 Game for New Strip

Comcast Corp.’s video game lifestyle cable network, G4, is gearing up to launch Barbed Wire Biscuit, a new hour-long programming block that will air edgy animated and live-action ... Continue Reading →

Exclusive: McFarlane Talks New Spawn

Fans of the animated Spawn series that aired for three seasons on HBO during the late ’90s can look forward to all-new adult-oriented superhero adventures from famed comic-book ... Continue Reading →

IFC Debuts Hopeless Pictures

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) premieres its first original animated series tonight, Aug. 19, at 10 p.m. The comedy is part of the cabler’s all-new Friday night line-up, which ... Continue Reading →

Nat Geo to Show Home Movies At MIPCOM

Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies, a new animated preschool series from National Geographic Television & Film’s Kids’ Programming and Production, will premiere at MIPCOM ... Continue Reading →

Proud Family Movie Debuts Friday

The Proud Family, Disney Channel’s popular animated comedy series about an off-beat African American clan, expands with an all new feature-length special premiering Friday, Aug. ... Continue Reading →

G7 Animation Revs Up More Biker Mice

Gang of Seven (G7) Animation has begun pre-production on 26 all-new episodes of Biker Mice from Mars, the hit animated series from the early 90s. The show is a co-production of U.K.-based ... Continue Reading →