KidMangoTV Block Debuts on MyFamilyTV

KidMangoTV, a syndicated block of Porchlight Entertainment children’s programs, debuts today on ValCom Inc.’s MyFamilyTV network. The four-hour weekday block is expected ... Continue Reading →

Disney Preps More Manny Content, Products

Handy Manny‘s building himself a media empire. Disney Channel is expanding the popular animated series with new programming and a new consumer products line. The character will ... Continue Reading →

New Heathcliff Content in Development

FitzRoy Media and Magic Lantern Entertainment have forged a joint venture to bring Heathcliff, the mischievous feline star of the long-running comic panel, to movies, TV and direct-to-DVD. ... Continue Reading →

Comedy Central Airs New Atom TV Episodes

Atom TV returns June 15 to Comedy Central with four new late-night episodes of sketches from the online video site. Each episode of Atom TV is compiled from original online videos ... Continue Reading →

Family Guy Is Eyeing Best Comedy Emmy

The Peter Griffin clan are hoping to give live-action sitcoms such as 30 Rock and The Office a run for their money this Emmy season. Variety reports that Family Guy exec producer and ... Continue Reading →

Black Belt Club Series in Development

Author Dawn Barnes’ popular book series The Black Belt Club is being developed into an animated series by producer John Drdek. The illustrated book series, about four young martial ... Continue Reading →

Scottish Cities Fight Over Simpsons Character

Groundskeeper Willie, who’s been cleaning up after students at Springfield Elementary on Fox’s The Simpsons for 20 years, is caught in the middle of a real-life spat in ... Continue Reading →

Jetix Becomes Disney Channel in Five Euro Markets

The Walt Disney Co. will convert its Jetix outlets in five European nations to the Disney Channel name and brand. The change is set for later this year in Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, ... Continue Reading →

Winx Creator Offers Darker Teen Property

Italian creator of the popular animated Winx series and Rainbow CEO Iginio Straffi has created a new girl-skewing franchise called Maya Fox, featuring a 17-year-old girl character who ... Continue Reading →

Goode Family Debuts on ABC

We’ve all been there: Paper or plastic? Organic or local? Hybrid or diesel? In these confusing times, Joe Everyman is caught in the crosshairs of consumer responsibility. It’s ... Continue Reading →