Fuse Builds Animated Empire

Music-centric cable TV network fuse has commissioned seven episodes of Empire Square, a new animated show based on a series of edgy shorts by Blur drummer Dave Rowntree. Critically ... Continue Reading →

TELETOON Airs Banned Family Guy

Canadian broadcaster TELETOON is throwing caution to the wind by airing the Family Guy episode that FOX network censors originally rejected. The controversial installment, “When ... Continue Reading →

Japan’s Icot Founds Toon Fund

Daily Variety reports that Osaka, Japan-based content-management company Icot has launched two movie funds, one specifically for animation. A 24-episode animated series titled Rabugetsu ... Continue Reading →

Action Rules New Cartoon Net Lineup

Robots, monster hunters, alien shape-shifters and dragon slayers abound in Cartoon Network’s new Saturday Morning lineup, starting on Jan. 14. Sophomore hit The Life and Times ... Continue Reading →

Simpsons Dominates WGA Noms

FOX’s The Simpsons got a whole lot of love when The Writers Guild of America (WGA) released its list of nominees for its 2006 Television and Radio Awards. In fact, the long-running ... Continue Reading →

Bix Pix Brings Stop-mo to SNL

Kelli Bixler, co-founder of Chicago-based clay animation studio BixPix, has informed us that her team has completed a short piece of animation that will air this weekend on Saturday ... Continue Reading →

Noggin Unshells More Franklin

NOGGIN, Nickelodeon’s commercial-free preschool network, will serve up a brand-new season of Nelvana’s animated series, Franklin, in the new year. Never-before-seen episodes ... Continue Reading →

The World Is A Village Bows Internationally

On Sunday, Dec. 11, Toronto-based 9 Story Ent. will see its animated adaptation of the award-winning children’s book If the World Were a Village broadcast in seven countries including ... Continue Reading →

Connery Bonds with Toon Shop

Sir Sean Connery, the actor best known for originating the role of James Bond, is making his first foray into animation with Sir Billi the Vet, a CG short film being produced by independent ... Continue Reading →

Dork Hunters Stalk BKN

Animation company BKN International AG has announced the start of production on a new toon series titled Dork Hunters from Outer Space. The studio is producing the show with Singapore-based ... Continue Reading →