Activision, Disney Need Help Casting Extreme Skate Kids

After a month-long nationwide casting call, Activision Inc. has narrowed its search for real kids to be animated in the upcoming video game Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure. Of ... Continue Reading →

Fox Signs On With CinemaNow

According to Reuters, online movie service CinemaNow has inked a distribution deal with Twentieth Century Fox, whose properties include Ice Age and Daredevil. Despite concerns over ... Continue Reading →

Garfield, Help Make Web Safe for Kids

Garfield Island (, a subscription-based, kid-safe, parent-approved web browser and community, is getting help in promoting Internet safety from ... Continue Reading →

Frank and Ollie Animate the Web

As we prepare the Animation Magazine special tribute to Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston issue, the legendary Disney animators invite you to visit their website at Frank ... Continue Reading →

Cosgrove Hall Puts Ghosts in the Machine for BBCi

Following the success of its two Doctor Who internet dramas, BBCi is unleashing terror on the web with the help of animation studio Cosgrove Hall. Described as horror and adventure ... Continue Reading →

The Return of Opus and Bill

The Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip Bloom County will be re-launched on the web this month. Beginning March 17, subscription-based will offer the full run of ... Continue Reading →

Mainframe Ent. Online with Animation Collective

Canadian computer animation house Mainframe Ent. has teamed up with New York-based Animation Collective to jointly market web design and flash animation services for television, film, ... Continue Reading →

Oscar Hopeful The ChubbChubbs Free to Download

As part of its Oscar Showcase, Movielink will offer a free download of Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Academy Award-nominated short, The ChubbChubbs. This ... Continue Reading →

WB’s Cartoon Monsoon Lets You Vote

Cartoon Monsoon, a new area of the Warner Bros. website, puts the fate of up-and-coming cartoon creators in your hands. Every week, new animated shorts will be submitted for your approval ... Continue Reading →

BIONICLE Trailer Online

In a bid to recapture the market form Pokémon, LEGO came up with a toy that involved a sci-fi/fantasy storyline about androids seeking their destiny on a mystical island ripe ... Continue Reading →