Evil Dead Vs. Highlander in Clay Online

Harry Knowles and the crew over at www.aintitcool.com dug up a cool little clay-animated short depicting a duel between demon slayer Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and immortal swordsman ... Continue Reading →

Disney’s Howl’s Moving Castle Trailer Online

As Disney gets set for its June 10 release of the English-language version of director Hayao Miyazaki’s latest feature, Howl’s Moving Castle, a trailer for the Mouse House ... Continue Reading →

Toonami Compressed to Impress

Turner Broadcasting’s children’s animation channel, Toonami, has joined the lineup on Video Networks Ltd’s HomeChoice, an interactive TV, video-on-demand and broadband ... Continue Reading →

Wallace & Gromit Store Open

In advance of the October 7 big-screen debut of Wallace & Gromit, Aardman Animation and DreamWorks Animation SKG have opened a online store offering apparel and other items for ... Continue Reading →

RealArcade, GameHouse 250 Million Downloads. But Who’s Counting?

RealNetworks says that its RealArcade service and GameHouse Studios surpassed more than 250 million casual game downloads. The company also said that the number of games downloaded ... Continue Reading →

Fender, Napoleon Dynamite in Dance-off

In an interesting effort to cross-promote its properties, 20th Century Fox has launched a web site that features a dance competition between the animated Fender character from Robots ... Continue Reading →

Guy, Cat, Fish Rip Movies Online

Here’s an update for those of you who followed our Third Annual Animation Magazine Pitch Party. For those unfamiliar with the event, the Pitch Party is an opportunity to advertise ... Continue Reading →

New Madagascar Trailer Online

With both Shrek 2, and Shark Tale vying for the Best Animated Feature Oscar in a couple of weeks, the toon studio at DreamWorks has released another look at the upcoming adventure/comedy, ... Continue Reading →

Sky Kingdom Studio Says "Pay Whatever"

Sunrise Prods., the South African animation studio which produced the 2003 stop-motion "junkmation" feature film, The Legend of Sky Kingdom, is trying a truly unique online ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks’ Gromit Joins Kennel Club

As he gears up for his big-screen debut, the canine half of Aardman Animation’s popular clay-animated team, Wallace and Gromit, is taking some time to help out with the Westminster ... Continue Reading →