Hanna-Barbera Toons Go On Forever

Warner Bros. Advanced Digital Services will offer two full hours of Hanna-Barbera cartoons each week via Saturday Morning Forever, a new broadband service of Hanna-Barbera.com. While ... Continue Reading →

Bee Movie Trailer Debuts

Moviegoers checking out DreamWorks’ Flushed Away this weekend will get a first glimpse at the studio’s Nov. 2007 animated release, Bee Movie. The trailer for the insect ... Continue Reading →

Simpsons ‘Treehouse’ Goes Interactive

The trick-or-treaters may have retreated to their lairs to count their candy, but Halloween is never officially over until Fox airs the beloved annual ‘Treehouse of Horror’ ... Continue Reading →

Going Where No Machinima Has Gone Before

No longer limited to writing fan fiction, Star Trek enthusiasts can now make their own movies through machinima, an animated art form that allows users to tell stories with a video-game ... Continue Reading →

MGM Puts Panther on iTunes

MGM’s animated Pink Panther TV series from the 1990s is now available for purchase and download in the iTunes Store, adding to the growing roster of programs offered from the ... Continue Reading →

Comedy Central Grows a Pair

Comedy Central’s Motherload broadband channel has expanded with the addition of a new animated series about two testicles. From The King of Queens co-creator Michael J. Weithorn ... Continue Reading →

Comedy Central Makes Friends with Test Pilot

Comedy Central has named Wade Randolph’s animated series Awesome Friends the first winner of its user-generated content contest dubbed ‘Test Pilots.’ The quirky toon ... Continue Reading →

JibJab, Landis Experiment with Sketch

JibJab, the digital comedy network behind such popular viral web toons as the political satires This Land and Good to be in DC! has teamed with Verizon Wireless and accomplished film ... Continue Reading →

Family Guy’s Brian Goes Blogging

Family Guy fans can now go online to check out some nuggets of wisdom from the Griffin’s martini-sipping family dog, Brian. The character is featured as a guest blogger on familyguy.com ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks Launches First Flight Site

DreamWorks Animation has announced that the official website for its award-winning short film First Flight has gone live at www.firstflightshort.com. Visitors to the site can learn ... Continue Reading →