Classic Gumby Goes Online

As he celebrates his 50th anniversary, green, clay-animated pop culture icon Gumby is all over the web today. Classic episodes of The Gumby Show, including the pilot “Gumby on ... Continue Reading →

New Ratatouille Footage Online

A Chinese trailer for the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie Ratatouille has surfaced on YouTube, offering some previously unreleased footage and more insight into the story. The dialog is ... Continue Reading →

Eisner Launches Web, Mobile Studio

Former Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner will shif his focus from the big screen to the very small screen with the creation of Vuguru, an independent studio dedicated to producing ... Continue Reading →

TiVo and Amazon Launch Video Download Service

Marketing synergy can only happen if the basic laws of introducing a new consumer product are followed. The new product has to look and feel like something consumers already have and ... Continue Reading →

New Paprika Trailer Online

Sony Pictures Classics has released the U.S. trailer for Paprika, the latest anime tour-de-force from virtuoso Japanese filmmaker Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo ... Continue Reading →

New Bee Movie Trailer Online

DreamWorks has released another teaser trailer for its upcoming feature film, Bee Movie. Like the first one, this ad features voice star Jerry Seinfeld in a bee costume trying to deal ... Continue Reading →

Underdog Teased Online

Those curious to see how Disney is handling its live-action feature based on the classic cartoon series Underdog can catch the new teaser trailer, which features the photorealistic, ... Continue Reading →

FUNimation Toons Hit iTunes

Navarre Corp.’s FUNimation Ent. today announced that it has signed a deal with Apple to make popular anime series available for download in the iTunes Store at ... Continue Reading →

Azureus Grabs Starz Media Anime

Anime, horror, comedy and sci-fi titles from the Starz Media catalog will soon be available online through Azureus, a company that has created an application which allows large files ... Continue Reading →

’38 Disney Tryout Book Online

The good folks at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive have digitized the Disney Studios Artist’s Tryout Book from 1938 and have posted the entire manual online. The piece, which ... Continue Reading →