Devil May Cry, Again

Dante, the half-human, half-demon devil hunter is back and this time he’s brought a friend. Capcom’s highly anticipated sequel, Devil May Cry 2, continues the gothic thriller ... Continue Reading →

Sneak a Peek at IGI2: Covert Strike

Set to hit shelves Feb. 14, Codemasters’ new stealth-based first-person shooter is now available to gamers as a single-player, stand-alone PC demo that can be downloaded from ... Continue Reading →

Get in the Ring with Celebrity Deathmatch Game

Not since Mr. Bill have puppets been so mashed and mangled as they were in MTV’s comically violent and irreverent stop motion animated series Celebrity Deathmatch. Soon gamers ... Continue Reading →

Electronic Arts to Create Major Studio in L.A.

In its financial report issued yesterday, videogame juggernaut Electronic Arts revealed that it will consolidate its satellite facilities in Los Angeles, Irvine and Las Vegas into a ... Continue Reading →

Tri Synergy Tries Combat Racing

Dallas, Tx.-based game co-publisher Tri Synergy will release BANDITS: Phoenix Rising on PC-CD ROM in the first quarter of 2003. Developed by Grin Inc., the post-apocalyptic action game ... Continue Reading →

The New TNN to Host the “Oscars” of Gaming

As the Awards season builds up steam, cable outlet The New TNN has announced that it will exclusively broadcast the first-ever televised video game awards show. The two-hour awards ... Continue Reading →

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Ships for GameCube

THQ Inc. and Nickelodeon have released Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius for Nintendo GameCube to retail outlets nationwide. Based on Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies’ highly ... Continue Reading →

Pro Race Driver for PC to Feature Matrox Surround Gaming

Set for release early 2003, Codemasters’ Pro Race Driver for PC will come complete with Matrox Surround Gaming, which enables gameplay to be viewed across three linked monitors. When ... Continue Reading →

Beyblade Spinning Out For PlayStation

Crave Entertainment today announced that Beyblade for PlayStation has shipped and will be available at retailers throughout North America. The game is based on Nelvana’s popular, ... Continue Reading →

TDK Unearths New Land Before Time Title

TDK Mediactive Inc.’s The Land Before Time: Big Water Adventure has shipped for PlayStation. The game is based on The Land Before Time: Journey to Big Water, the latest entry ... Continue Reading →