Empire Interactive Fists Bulletproof Monk Games Rights

Empire Interactive has licensed interactive videogame rights to the upcoming martial arts flick Bulletproof Monk. The game, which is being developed by U.K.-based Mucky Foot Prods, ... Continue Reading →

Metroid is Game Developers’ Prime Choice

Retro Studios’ Metroid Prime nabbed Game of the Year as the international community of game developers honored their own last night in San Jose, Calif. Part of the Game Developers ... Continue Reading →

Next Stop: Holodeck

Anyone who has seen Star Trek: Next Generation has fantasized about stepping into the virtual reality structure known as the “holodeck” and taking a vacation from the real ... Continue Reading →

Animators Schooled on Character Movement at GDC

Day two of the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. was devoted to day-long tutorial workshops such as Leslie Bishko’s and Jana Wilcoxen’s seminar, “Making ... Continue Reading →

Nokia Launches Game Platform At GDC

Nokia announced at the Game Developers Conference the launch of its first dedicated games platform. The Nokia N-Gage game deck is a color enabled handheld device that combines personal ... Continue Reading →

Rayman 3 Out for GameCube and GBA

Ubi Soft Ent. has shipped Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc for Nintendo GameCube and Rayman 3 for Game Boy Advance to retail outlets. The latest installment features enhanced graphics, celebrity ... Continue Reading →

Devil May Cry, Again

Dante, the half-human, half-demon devil hunter is back and this time he’s brought a friend. Capcom’s highly anticipated sequel, Devil May Cry 2, continues the gothic thriller ... Continue Reading →

Sneak a Peek at IGI2: Covert Strike

Set to hit shelves Feb. 14, Codemasters’ new stealth-based first-person shooter is now available to gamers as a single-player, stand-alone PC demo that can be downloaded from ... Continue Reading →

Get in the Ring with Celebrity Deathmatch Game

Not since Mr. Bill have puppets been so mashed and mangled as they were in MTV’s comically violent and irreverent stop motion animated series Celebrity Deathmatch. Soon gamers ... Continue Reading →

Electronic Arts to Create Major Studio in L.A.

In its financial report issued yesterday, videogame juggernaut Electronic Arts revealed that it will consolidate its satellite facilities in Los Angeles, Irvine and Las Vegas into a ... Continue Reading →