Everquest Package Offers Sunscreen for Gamers

Just in time for the retail-doldrums of late August, Sony Online Entertainment is releasing an all-inclusive package of EverQuest software guaranteed to keep all the game geeks off ... Continue Reading →

Geek to Chic. New Book on Rise of the Gamer

Even if you’ve been a participant in the phenomenon, you might want to check out (or buy) a new legerdemainic book on the history of the video game from two of the industry’s ... Continue Reading →

Global League Gets Game On in Cleveland

Following its big Hollywood launch party in mid-August, the Global Gaming League is holding live auditions in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend for gamers looking for a shot at instant celebrity. ... Continue Reading →

Nokia SEGA Techno Transfer is a Snap

In a move intended to solidify Nokia’s presence in the game world, the phone giant is acquiring assets of Sega.com Inc., a subsidiary of SEGA. The integration of Sega.com’s ... Continue Reading →

New PC Gateway for Game Players

Looking to put some heat into the slow PC market, Gateway has a new computer specifically juiced-up and aimed at the game-playing market. Among other things, the Gateway 700X Gaming ... Continue Reading →

Wireless Game Leaders Head to Austin Confab

Matching the vid game industry’s increasing focus on wireless platforms, this year’s Austin Game Conference is offering a comprehensive side-bar on the subject. The confab’s ... Continue Reading →

Recent War Sparks War Games

The war in Iraq may still be raging in one form or another, but that hasn’t stopped a video game company from developing a title using footage and scenarios from the latest Gulf ... Continue Reading →

Guide to That Big Break Now Available

Wanna get plugged into the game? Or, to be more precise, the game developer world? Just in time, Game Developer’s 2003 Game Career Guide is now available at most major newsstands ... Continue Reading →

Gamer’s Day in City by the Bay

San Francisco gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on the newest Sony product will get a pre-holiday shot this weekend. Sony Online Entertainment, a worldwide leader in massively ... Continue Reading →

Chess King Takes On Computer in Gotham

One of the greatest chess players ever, Gary Kasparov, is set to take on a computer rival in New York City for one week in November. X3D Technologies today announced the ultimate “X3D ... Continue Reading →