Alienware’s Area-51m Offers User Upgradeable Graphics

Computer gaming desktop and mobile systems manufacturer Alienware has launched its redesigned Area-51m mobile gaming system. The new system features user upgradeable graphics modules, ... Continue Reading →

Game Stars to Shine on “Walk of Game”

With the game industry getting bigger than the film biz, it’s about time the stars of the interactive world had a place to leave their handprints. San Francisco’s Metreon, ... Continue Reading →

Epic Games/NVIDIA Tour Takes Gamers to Unreal School

Epic Games, co-creator of the popular Unreal game franchise, and NVIDIA Corp. will hit the road with the $1,000,000 NVIDIA Make Something Unreal Buzz Tour, a nationwide educational ... Continue Reading →

Big Idea Peels Off New VeggieTales PC Game

Big Idea Prods., creators of the popular VeggieTales direct-to-video and feature film franchise, have teamed up with ValuSoft, a division of THQ Inc., to release a PC game featuring ... Continue Reading →

Namco Fires SOULCALIBUR II to Retailers

Fans of the popular weapons-based fighting game SOULCALIBUR will be happy to know that Namco Ltd. has shipped the sequel to stores nationwide. The highly anticipated SOULCALIBUR II ... Continue Reading →

Immersion to Embed Haptics in Asia

In a move that will undoubtedly bring more “bump” for a gamer’s buck, San Jose, Calif.-based Immersion Corp. announces two new licensing agreements in Taiwan for its ... Continue Reading →

Everquest Package Offers Sunscreen for Gamers

Just in time for the retail-doldrums of late August, Sony Online Entertainment is releasing an all-inclusive package of EverQuest software guaranteed to keep all the game geeks off ... Continue Reading →

Geek to Chic. New Book on Rise of the Gamer

Even if you’ve been a participant in the phenomenon, you might want to check out (or buy) a new legerdemainic book on the history of the video game from two of the industry’s ... Continue Reading →

Global League Gets Game On in Cleveland

Following its big Hollywood launch party in mid-August, the Global Gaming League is holding live auditions in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend for gamers looking for a shot at instant celebrity. ... Continue Reading →

Nokia SEGA Techno Transfer is a Snap

In a move intended to solidify Nokia’s presence in the game world, the phone giant is acquiring assets of Inc., a subsidiary of SEGA. The integration of’s ... Continue Reading →