EA Launches New Division for Indie Development

Redwood City, Calif.-based Electronic Arts today announced the creation of EA Partners, a new business unit dedicated to managing the company’s worldwide distribution and co-publishing ... Continue Reading →

Move Over Dudes, Chicks Wanna Play, Too!

Marked by violent action titles and sports-related time-killers, the world of video games has long been dominated by young men, both in front of the TV and behind the scenes. Today, ... Continue Reading →

New Batman Villain Rises in Commerative Edition Game

Ubi Soft Entertainment joins with Mattel Inc., DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products to commemorate the launch of a new villain in the Batman universe by creating special collector’s ... Continue Reading →

Austin Gears Up for Game Conference

With more than 50 companies making major contributions to the game industry, Austin, Texas is the No.3 location in the U.S. for game development. That’s why more than 600 individuals ... Continue Reading →

Dr Pepper Contest Offers Role in Nintendo Game

The company that asked “Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?” is now asking “Who wants to be a video game character?” By entering its holiday “Be ... Continue Reading →

Alienware’s Area-51m Offers User Upgradeable Graphics

Computer gaming desktop and mobile systems manufacturer Alienware has launched its redesigned Area-51m mobile gaming system. The new system features user upgradeable graphics modules, ... Continue Reading →

Game Stars to Shine on “Walk of Game”

With the game industry getting bigger than the film biz, it’s about time the stars of the interactive world had a place to leave their handprints. San Francisco’s Metreon, ... Continue Reading →

Epic Games/NVIDIA Tour Takes Gamers to Unreal School

Epic Games, co-creator of the popular Unreal game franchise, and NVIDIA Corp. will hit the road with the $1,000,000 NVIDIA Make Something Unreal Buzz Tour, a nationwide educational ... Continue Reading →

Big Idea Peels Off New VeggieTales PC Game

Big Idea Prods., creators of the popular VeggieTales direct-to-video and feature film franchise, have teamed up with ValuSoft, a division of THQ Inc., to release a PC game featuring ... Continue Reading →

Namco Fires SOULCALIBUR II to Retailers

Fans of the popular weapons-based fighting game SOULCALIBUR will be happy to know that Namco Ltd. has shipped the sequel to stores nationwide. The highly anticipated SOULCALIBUR II ... Continue Reading →