Lilo & Stitch Get Game On

When Buena Vista Home Entertainment releases the VHS/DVD version of Stitch The Movie later this month, it’ll do so with a multi-million dollar marketing push leading up to the ... Continue Reading →

Gamers Game For Late-Summer Blighty Binge

On a hot late-summer day, nothing is quite as enervating (or pungent) as the Earl’s Court Road subway station in London. This August, however, there’ll be at least three ... Continue Reading →

Sony Offers Freebees to Qwest DSL Users

Qwest Communications Int’l Inc. and Sony Pictures Digital Networks have forged an agreement to provide some of today’s most popular Sony entertainment and gaming services ... Continue Reading →

Game Giant to Become Big Playa In LA

When the world’s biggest video game maker opens a state-of-the-art studio in Los Angeles that will be the modern day equivalent of what the brothers Warner did in Burbank in the ... Continue Reading →

Dancing Diva Groovin’ to Playstation

A new video game from the mind of Sega game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is heading for a North American PlayStation 2 release later this fall. AGETEC Inc. has announced delivery of Space ... Continue Reading →

VIA Helps Quakecon Get Game On

Talk about your global economy. Taipei? Dallas? It’s just a click away. Demonstrating continued support for the gaming community, Taiwan-based VIA Technologies Inc. is again a ... Continue Reading →

Playstation Version of Wiener-Mobile Hits the Road

In between rain showers later this month, waterlogged Seattle-ites will have a chance to climb aboard Sony’s 40-foot long PlayStation Patrol vehicle. The PlayStation Patrol wagon ... Continue Reading →

Groovy Baby! Crave Finds its Mojo, Kicks Martian Butt

Vid-game publisher Crave Entertainment is releasing three more reasons to stay up until two in the morning when you really should be getting some beauty sleep. The Los Angeles-based ... Continue Reading →

Ouch! iGames Sinks Teeth into Survival Horror

Halloween never gets old, especially for gamer geeks. At least that’s what New Jersey-based iGames Publishing is hoping this year. The company is trying to make Halloween 2003 ... Continue Reading →

Two in Three U.S. Households Play Games

As if network television didn’t have enough to contend with. Now comes along a just released study that says the majority of U.S. households are playing digital games at home ... Continue Reading →